Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

The Lord’s greatest song ever!!! More about this song: www.kernkraft-400.zombie-nation.com http The band is called: Zombie Nation The song is called: Kernkraft 400 People who buy all they see, thats what’s called stupidity
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

  1. Xbox360GamerMike says:

    you know business is bad when you need swim suit models to advertise a microwave…

  2. DristoiradlaC says:

    @MrGrundiZ and i your mother too^^ was a joke…

  3. Jonnysimcoe says:

    @69Jigga69 Sorry i am neither

  4. 69Jigga69 says:

    @Jonnysimcoe internet gangster/thug … suck a dick

  5. fakedreality says:

    @Kurama66 Firefox with Adblock Plus is the solution ;)

  6. chromemix says:

    totally crap!

  7. championkhan says:

    1907 people didn’t order a microwave.

  8. Kalhalla says:

    Lazy Jones

  9. Polenotttter says:



  10. XGamerDancerX says:

    @xtreme17nc13 but still…. -_-” :^•

  11. Volken321 says:

    my brain EXPLODES

  12. BOOMBOOMshakalakaa says:

    ok fuck these long ass ads

  13. xtreme17nc13 says:

    @XGamerDancerX Yeah. But one vibrates.

  14. gfk4life says:

    cindy is hotter

  15. nunrgised says:

    faxtori klap vivendi

  16. spongebobsquarejocks says:

    commodore 64 tune

  17. ixus80is says:

    @TheOnlyAlexR haha .. sehr geil xD

  18. RiverC0l4 says:

    @MrGrundiZ Haha :DD

  19. 1595harun says:

    nasa workers

  20. shufflingd says:

    @MrGrundiZ its ich bumse deine mutter if you will lern german bad words ask me ^^

  21. TheOnlyAlexR says:

    @MrGrundiZ Es ist zwar gramatikalisch falsch…oh du kannst ja kein deutsch

  22. zafrob says:

    ein Stück gute deutsche Arbeit!!!!!
    EPICCCCC :-)

  23. niemandsiehtihn1 says:

    worst vid ever but the beat is nice

  24. IDevaxI says:

    my right ear really enjoys it.

  25. 87slobodan says:

    PIMP :)

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