Zombie Makeup

CLICK ME!! Join us at the film festival! vimeo.com Hi everyone! First and foremost I want to wholeheartedly thank MonsterBuster Entertainment for working with me on this project! Thank you so incredibly much to everyone who was involved: Torey Haas: Director and Color Correction Nick Lauinger: Director of Photography and Editor Ricky Hess: Assistant Director, Assistant Camera and Special FX Artist Brandon Jolley: Second Unit Director and Assistant Camera Hsiang-Ming Wen: Sound Recorder Fred Grant: Sound Recorder Morgan Drake: Sound Recorder Ashneel Ali: 2nd Assistant Director Jay Holloway: Grip and Gaffer Quyen Tran: Sound Editor Thanks to the amazing talent! Greg Garrison (actor) Ariel Gruczkowski (model and actress) LIKE them on facebook! www.facebook.com Come out to the MonsterBuster Film Festival!! vimeo.com Time: Monday, November 14 · 7:30pm — 9:30pm Location: Atlanta Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema — I also wanted to thank Jason Aw from PinkyParadise for the contact lens that Ariel was wearing! DollyEye Gray pinkyparadise.com — Zombie makeup , outfit / dress , hair , etc. For additional information and a full list of products go HERE: www.iamxteeener.com ‪Blog: ‪www.iamxteeener.com‬ ‬ Twitter ‪twitter.com Facebook Page: ‪www.facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Zombie Makeup

  1. CHSFilmSociety says:


  2. sabel2000 says:

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  3. arda19989 says:

    you are lesbian?

  4. Chelbycarashow says:


  5. lisadkrackow says:

    it was really cool

  6. YourGoldfish302 says:

    this came out on my b-day

  7. chelseaemilee16 says:

    I love this!

  8. manutella6 says:

    WOW beautiful!

  9. Brontideful says:

    the model is really pretty.

  10. Jojonazif says:

    makeup tips :) jojobeautyadvice.blogspot

  11. freenazi1 says:

    my littel sister thiks she looks scary!

  12. shrooq123987 says:


  13. swrcool says:

    That is the hottest zombie ever. It’s zombies like her that make necrophilia trend lol

  14. boxyeongxan says:

    that guy in the beginning is really hot

  15. Kaykayrose26 says:

    she’s so pretty!

  16. Natureman504 says:

    Watch ” wasted zombies”! It’s pretty awesome!

  17. dreamingCOLORS says:

    i just did this look using this video last night and this morning on my friend. thanks so much everyone loved it!

  18. beautywithashley says:


  19. 913155584 says:

    omg finally something thats not complacated!!!! thank you so much!! this is what im going to look like on halloween!!! and then im going to try to get my mom to let me do the same on her!!! hehe this is going to be so fun!!

  20. LoLanna100 says:

    make a more halloween makeups ! please, make a EASY fallen angel makeup for me : D ♥ thanks, i love that video so much.

  21. MrTangentLine says:

    What a pretty zombie

  22. fallendown10 says:

    i am going 2 do this on me!!!

  23. thekaitlynrocks2 says:

    i still think she looks beautiful with the zombie makeup lol

  24. spiral1080 says:

    i totally did this for a halloween party last night and my friend’s loved it! when i told them what i used they were shocked lol

  25. clxbreezy says:

    I did a zombie look similar to this today to see how I’m doing it for halloween and it turned out great! :D Thanks for this video because it helped so much! <3

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