Zombie Invasion!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Zombie Invasion!

  1. HaloMaster936 says:

    Zombitchland hmmmm no.

  2. Sun kist says:

    1. click video on full screen 2. right click screen 3. click stop download 4. hehe 5 turn it off befor you have night mares or a killer clown after you .

  3. ishnookie says:

    I don’t expect you to. stick with zombie and superhero flicks and leave “real films” to “real reviewers”

  4. JPizzle1122 says:

    I honestly don’t see the correlation or logic in that statement. 

  5. ishnookie says:

    For someone who gave a Zombie flick a “Great Rating” your comments on City of God is invalid.

  6. lightThatcherry says:

    i think zombieland is a good movie…but city of god was the shit..it only attracts special viewers ..its not like anyone would be interested in a gangster movie :/

  7. Xett2 says:

    Why does he look like the angry video game nerd?

  8. Comrick317 says:

    I puked when i saw it, really puked big time.

  9. stiffex says:

    Zombie Land is mind numbingly shit !

  10. drago10isawsum says:

    I wuv bwains

  11. xKiLlJoYDx says:

    Shaun of the dead is better.

  12. happyzombieperson153 says:

    I’ve watched zombieland exactly
    Four times and I still laugh at every part

  13. HarunoShinji says:

    wats this

  14. oneminutehorror says:

    “Return of the Living Dead” remains the best zom-com.

  15. villianousdarren says:

    Never heard so much rubbish in my life!

  16. 666chaox666 says:

    Zombieland was cool and funny but if you wanted a zombie comedy then I’d say Shawn of the Dead.

  17. joejoebud says:

    what about the walking dead series

  18. zeus123444 says:

    this is what i would do
    1: get ant weapon (20 gauge, ak47 etc)
    2: move all furniture
    3: get Chuck Norris
    4: start kicking ass

  19. DarkLegionsGECKO says:


  20. FAYHALL11 says:

    It was Zombieland :)

  21. yeahbuddy1023 says:

    thumbs up if u saw mw3 ad??

  22. inzombnia616 says:


  23. jakedude182 says:

    zombie land is not better than city of god! imho

  24. moviecritic6 says:

    Looks like an angry Brazillian to me.

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