Zombie Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial – part 1

This was a re-creation and video response to a look QueenBeeuty did. She later deleted her video. Click here for part 2!! www.youtube.com My jewelry line – www.unlimitedsparkle.com Get the Sigma brushes I love here – http This is a high quality, low cost way to be a zombie for Halloween or just for fun. If you have any questions about what I used please ask. *****Romoval of the mask: You can remove the mask several ways, whatever suits you best. -I peeled the mask off after I had it on. The vaseline acts as a lubricant and allows it to peel off of your face without damaging your skin, too much. It will leave your skin pink and a little irritated but goes away after you moisturize to soothe it. -You can also run your face under warm water or put a soaked wash cloth on your face for a minute or so. This will soften up the toilet paper again, help dissolve the glue and let it peel off much easier. Be careful if you get your face wet in the sink that the clumps don’t come off and clog up the drain. -You can also peel it off dry using more vaseline to help. If you put the vaseline all over your fingers and use it to slip under the mask it will come off easier and leave your skin less irritated. The mask will pull out some peach fuzz on your face and your baby hairs around your hairline if you got too close. Also, avoid your eyebrows as you don’t want to lose any of those! Thanks for watching! Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/unltdelizabeth
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Zombie Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial – part 1

  1. lindagirl7 says:

    That’s ok I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway….

  2. scarfsavvy101 says:

    every heard of spirit gum or latex??

  3. MJluvr2697 says:

    Haha QueenBeeuty is Anthony Padillas (Smosh) girlfriend :)

  4. aislinnrocks says:

    How r u supposed to get the glue of ur face?

  5. DeborahBabeauty says:

    use water to remove da glue its easy .. I’ve done that a million times

  6. 5000cookiez1 says:

    ok ready for school!! :)

  7. cassiopeia15ify says:

    I stand corrected…the scariest part is when she got possesed by Alvin and the chipmunks!!!!

  8. cassiopeia15ify says:

    Ok so the scariest part is the dog…XD

  9. Maddieyeah14 says:

    How do you get GLUE off your face exactly..

  10. torigirl1000 says:

    I actually think the dog was more interesting.. LOL no but wayyy Cool!!

  11. bshoes1 says:

    no way stuff at the dollar store is a dollar thanks tips!!

  12. vanallesmevrouwtjes says:


  13. SuperGrumpy666 says:

    A million part video!!?
    That’d be insane!

  14. nadyaramadhita says:

    Hey ya why you take a school glue in your face.???

  15. Strawbearie2000 says:

    one question: how do you get the GLUE off your face!!!?

  16. juliann12312 says:

    would it be better if you used liquid latex i mean we can right

  17. EmJayne3 says:

    Glue would be SO bad for your skin…

  18. MegaGirlGaGa says:

    why would you put glue on your pretty face?

  19. MegaGirlGaGa says:

    It scared the shit out of me when she sped it up. I wasn’t looking and i had ear phones in.

  20. Ashley Brooks says:

    omfg! coolz

  21. Macy Hagart says:

    Her dog is so sweet

  22. jokeroops0 says:

    Can u uz tissues?

  23. drkillstreak1 says:

    i came for tits

  24. cruesin13 says:

    Me and my friends are gonna dance to Thriller and this is perfect!

  25. CakeBaby01 says:


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