Zombie Boy’s extensive body art

Montrealer Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, a media and music industry darling, talks about his extensive body art.

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13 Responses to Zombie Boy’s extensive body art

  1. globehunter2 says:

    Most guys with facial tattoos dont fare as well? but this guy has succeeded
    in keeping his sex appeal behind the Death mask. I,m sure he has inspired
    more people to get facial tattoos and let their dark side rule over FEAR.

  2. AnnieHaz says:

    He is beautiful, with or without the tats, but having gone this far he is now doing probably the only thing he could do to earn the money he earns. Famous for his body work while his body and face are still beautiful. At 70 he may not look quite so good. but make hay while the sun shines, and for him it shines bright at the moment. He also seems like a nice person and compared to his work – no one has impressive tats.

  3. loveofincense says:

    Cool skull shadows.

  4. 7awraa100 says:

    cool tattoo ;)

  5. 9InoHeku says:

    Класный парень. Простой такой. Прикольный тип! Я им восхищаюсь.

  6. diannevisperas says:

    I melt when he smiles

  7. quoctrung93 says:

    they upset him

  8. LittleMissClumbzie says:

    he’s sooo intriguing <3

  9. Cupcake6661 says:

    rick genest = sex

  10. inaj27 says:

    @inaj27 0:15s- 0:19s! he really is adorable!

  11. inaj27 says:

    he is mysteriously alluring!

  12. lookupandjump says:

    i would love to meet this man. he’s awsome

  13. Cupcake6661 says:

    he is amazing

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