Zombie Apocalypse Training

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Zombie Apocalypse Training

  1. Klasvich says:

    because all his videos are real

  2. arrowhamish13 says:


  3. PBotelloN says:

    and 5 rounds into this bitch

  4. thebobsterjones says:

    If those were realistic zombies u would have had to hit them in the head to kill them…..well realistic aside from the “zombie” bit….

  5. harrypotterlover465 says:

    my comment from a couple minutes ago if you agree on that one make sure to hit the thumbs up button

  6. harrypotterlover465 says:

    cuz its dangerous besides how could you be so sure that its real?

  7. Porre1337 says:

    why would anyone think this is fake?

  8. Kacicka999 says:

    Voice like Niko.

  9. 0FlowersByIrene0 says:

    there was no clip or ammo in it…

  10. tompsukka2008 says:

    admin ban him, he has aimbot! >:(

  11. MrChox28 says:

    How do you afford that crazy amount of land and all of these weapons

  12. TheBaseballace says:

    the funny thing is if he actually was shooting a zombie they wouldnt of died he never once hit a shot to the head….hed probably die!!!

  13. bbrnc51 says:

    oh, no dude, i didnt direct that at anyone in particular :S sorry

  14. rockclimber1991 says:

    Hahaha… Have nice day:D

  15. Newto77721 says:

    Nazi beetch!

  16. gotshotofbacardi says:

    no zombies will come to his house,

  17. westernking9 says:

    Dude, you will save the world if zombies ever take over.

  18. wendor24 says:

    niko lets go bowling

  19. 0zzy2012 says:

    When u showed the barrel of the gun it would have been funny if it would have went off

  20. calmdragon says:


  21. calmdragon says:

    Beaaach ! Crazy nazi Beaaach looool epic

  22. jtinker41 says:

    All the more reason to kill her xD

  23. wingknight28 says:

    She looks like Rihanna.

  24. anonymousify1 says:

    just sayin

  25. anonymousify1 says:

    did he say it was a hit. i dont mean to anger you

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