ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

An idyllic island town is under attack by that most invasive of pests: zombies! Port Gamble is being overrun with braineaters, and the people seem powerless to stave them off. But wait, a rag tag band of rebels is trying to turn the tide and push the invading hoards of undead back. It sounds familiar, sure, but this time stereotypes are on parade (and parody) in a retake on the zombie thriller. We have the full compliment of cinematic shorthand, including the closeted small town boy who has gone to the city and returns with his pushy boyfriend in tow; the angry, hard-working, heavy-accented, immigrant from a Muslim country who is overprotective of his beautiful daughter; the hippie peacenik environmentalist; the fire and brimstone reverend who hates everything youd expect him to, and many more. Enter the zombies. Gore abounds (really abounds) and the current events-based hits keep coming. Gore abounds (really abounds) and the current events-based hits keep coming in this send-up of zombie movie clichés where no subculture escapes unscathed. — Gabe Shapiro, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival

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25 Responses to ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

  1. Beergut222 says:

    I hope a zombie attack comes. it would wipe out most Democrat/liberals who are against guns, against capital punishment, and only enjoy killing innocent babies through abortion. They would be cattle for a zombie mass attack.

  2. falc0knights says:

    Lol ” don’t shoot I’m gay” LMFAO

  3. osmansahan1 says:

    1:18 yes he is gay

  4. Galaother says:

    Horrível !

  5. dekster193 says:

    I that movie

  6. nirvomind says:

    Its Always Terrotist ..

  7. RickkoD1982 says:

    @Accompp guess its probably cheaper, maybe that’s why there are so many zombie films lately. no need for fancy special effects just a lot of extras and fake blood, with the occasional firecracker in a fake head made of scrap meat.

  8. amarij12 says:

    you know i’m a vampire man…

  9. lyoko386 says:

    @Klaymator97 If only, if only…

  10. narnians2 says:

    dont shoot i am gay…..i am still laughing!

  11. Bluecoconutpicklez says:

    Don’t shoot! I’m gay!

  12. busta884 says:

    esta peli cuando saldra en español o en latino???

  13. MirandaSour says:

    this trailer doesn’t give this movie any justice!

  14. shilkoma says:

    0.02-0.06 What a scene!!!!

  15. laminutebeaute says:

    @coop878 :)

  16. coop878 says:

    yea this movie sucks complete fuckin ass!!!!!

  17. xTropiiKalTide says:

    I took my senior pictures today at that house at 0:17.

  18. Revixy says:


  19. Klaymator97 says:

    Dude. I definitely live right next to Port Gamble. I go there all the time. I WISH a zombie apocalypse would happen.

  20. birdlehirdle says:

    I just watched it on netflix. I liked it. It’s good if you like political comedies and zombies. The gay guys were really funny.

  21. Sharkda510 says:

    Seen it on fear net gay

  22. oXHaloManXo says:

    This looks fucking retarded

  23. QueenAnime99 says:

    I want to see this. :D

  24. XxsheepxX100 says:


  25. laminutebeaute says:

    Please watch ZOMBIELAND instead of this shit.

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