Weird Al Yankovic – Another Tattoo (Alpocalypse)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Weird Al Yankovic – Another Tattoo (Alpocalypse)

  1. Alexhannoford says:

    nothing on you baby

    oh wait

  2. thenerd0f22 says:

    thmbs up if you have the album

  3. Njoydancing says:

    Bruno Mars has “made it” ?!?

  4. mr9atomic9bomb says:

    I love this

  5. RawrMasterL says:

    @daemonsparta WAIT….Its ronald ray!

  6. ijpowers says:

    Whose got the most ink? Lydia the Tattooed Lady or Weird Al?

  7. Novac says:

    @Narutoslilsis0 Search YouTube for: YANKOVIC POLKAMON and you’ll get your share of Weird Al Pokemon references :)

  8. Narutoslilsis0 says:

    @digirosariofan That man has an amazing name.

  9. digirosariofan says:

    @Narutoslilsis0 Actually He said Boba Fett not Wobuffet.

  10. digirosariofan says:

    Yay. Thank you Al for making fun of this music!! :D

  11. Narutoslilsis0 says:

    1:54 pokemon reference? :o

  12. Narutoslilsis0 says:

    This reminds me of freaknic. :o

  13. fajitaRBguy01111 says:

    Why is it lower pitched?

  14. Kel10ization says:

    @david9w yes

  15. david9w says:

    is it just me or did he say no i’m not high?

  16. Gamerking00 says:

    Wow haha this song is so funny and random!…i guess all weird al’s songs are funny and random.

  17. vampiregirl1241 says:

    Best song on the album! :D

  18. TheSteelerNation2 says:

    Only B.o.B Disliked this!

  19. djannello says:

    @IntoTheMindOfJohn Yeah, I don’t think you’ll ever see one of those “video taken down due to copyright” notices on an Al video.

  20. IntoTheMindOfJohn says:

    @djannello Exactly my point :) So we don’t have to worry about people putting these songs on youtube.

  21. patar10111 says:

    dont usually believ in chain comments, but this one is pretty cool. u dont need to do it, but when u read it, u might smile. :-)

    There are 20 angels in this world

    10 are sleeping

    9 are playing

    1 is reading this

    put this on 4 video comments within 15 mins,if u do, sum one u love will surprise u sum how!! If u don’t , u will lose ur love.!!

  22. TheJasonp42 says:

    love it

  23. mcwave40 says:

    This here is my anthem lol

  24. Nternetaddict says:

    @alberca90 me too

  25. Nternetaddict says:


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