Vegan Omelet – Cooking with The Vegan Zombie

In this video we show you how to make a vegan omelet, which we like to call our Vegan Zomblette. We made several omelets and made many mistakes to show you how to make the perfect vegan omelet. So here it is. Follow our directions exactly or it might not turn out quite right. Follow us: Twitter: Facebook:: Webpage: The Vegan Zomblette Ingredients: 1/2 brick firm tofu (fresh, not frozen and thawed) 1 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 tsp corn starch 2 tbsp chick pea flour 1/2 tsp curry powder 1/8 tsp salt 1/8 tsp pepper 1/8 tsp paprika 1/8 tsp sage 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp dijon mustard 1 tsp vegan worcestershire sauce (we used Edward & Sons organic) 3-5 tbsp veggie broth till you get medium thick pancake batter consistency (how drained your tofu is will affect this) optional 2-3 shakes of hot sauce 1 handful of fresh chopped spinach Add everything except spinach to blender. Blend till smooth batter. Add chopped spinach and stir in with spoon. Use non stick pan, lightly oil or spray. Turn heat to low temperature or in between Med and Low Pour batter on heated skillet and smooth out so middle is even with edge. Cover and let cook for 5-7 mins. Use thin spatula to flip. Cover again and cook for 3-5 mins. Add chopped veggies of your choice and Daiya Cheddar Cheese (optional) to omelet. Fold omelet and cover again to melt cheese. Enjoy!

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25 Responses to Vegan Omelet – Cooking with The Vegan Zombie

  1. ctrlbrk says:

    Love you guys. Please do a pizza video and one for mexican style something

  2. MoreHeartLessTonuge says:

    Im hungry now :)

  3. 4evervescence says:

    Vegan omelet napoleon is the coolest idea I’ve heard in ages. I am so going to try that. I think it is very cool that you haven’t had a real omelet before. I had thought about making super thin whole wheat pancakes, and then just using a vegan tofu veggie scramble filling inside to sort of mimic an omelet but I love that you have figured out a way to make a truly vegan omelet. Rock on! Thanks as always for your totally fun and awesome videos! :)

  4. itsMinuteMaid says:

    @EcoVeganGal You’re that stuck-up chick who thinks she’s too good. No one likes you. Get lost.

  5. thenvie says:

    Ooooh I haven’t even tried to make a vegan omelette before! I used to love them before I went vegan – I neeeeed to try this asap :D

  6. MapleSkittles says:

    The omelet- perfect. 

  7. Forrman67 says:

    It’s great seeing your dog Indy in the videos! Please keep on showing him!

  8. aguayonatasha says:

    I have one small request: please, could you have more recipes using quinoa? It’s very hard for me to do some of your dishes because I’m in Argentina, and most of the vegan things you have in the US are not available here :(
    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas with us! I love watching your videos.

  9. EcoVeganGal says:

    Wow – brilliant as always! <3

  10. TheAlacransilla says:

    nice :P

  11. aguayonatasha says:

    A green omelette would’ve been kinda cool. Awesome as always man!

  12. HauptmanNase says:

    Great show, dude, totally enjoyed eating with you

    Love it

  13. SavannahsNext60 says:

    DAHHH, starving :( I’m on the MC now then going back into juice fasting but then becoming partially raw, most days - others vegan & I will def be using your recipes. I’m going to culinary school to open my own restaurant & this is the kind of stuff I’ll be wanting to serve – well most of it. Aiming for a healthy restaurant. That veg/vegans/raw ppl can eat at. Glad I found you :)

  14. pharaohqueen says:

    Thank you Zombiegate will give that one a try. Anything Organic is Fabtastic. Loving your Vegan Cookery Lessons

  15. ZombieGate says:

    @lyric142 Well there are two of us. Jon 15 yrs, and Chris 17 1/2 yrs.

  16. ZombieGate says:

    @pharaohqueen Yes, we put a little annotation in there for everyone to double check. We use Edward &Sons Organic. It’s really good!

  17. ZombieGate says:

    @ullrik It’s about $2 for a brick and they usually come in blocks of around 4″x5″x2″ (estimate) and they are 400g. So cut that in have and you’ve got 200g.

  18. ullrik says:

    this looks SO good! But how much is 1/2 brick firm tofu? :)

  19. Pug40 says:

    Baaaahahaha i’m glad I subscribed I was totally thinking that looked like a pancake at first. Boy was my face red when you called me out :p

  20. ZombieGate says:

    @WeAreLions013 hmm, sounds like a good idea. We will look into that. THanks

  21. WeAreLions013 says:

    hello… i think you should consider coming out with some “vegan zombie” fitted hats or skull cap (simliar to what you have on in this video that has “vegan zombie” on it) just thought i would suggested it. keep it vegan!!!

  22. smithclan2009 says:

    Can you cook with kale?? Newly vegan and I’m not sure how to prepare it!! Love the other vids-3

  23. pharaohqueen says:

    Make sure your Worcester Sauce is Veggi because Lea & Perrins contain Anchovies which are fish!!!

  24. soymilkmilk says:

    You remind me of Daniel Bryan, who I think, is also vegan.

  25. Tyleriscoolx2 says:

    @Kissmygreekasss Non-stick pans do not release PTFE byproducts until they are heated past 350 degrees Celsius. Stove tops generally do not get hotter than 260 degrees Celsius.

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