Top Secret( DVD 2)-Photoshop Cs4-Applying Tatoos by nelson PART 1

Photoshop Cs4 Applying Tatoos…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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10 Responses to Top Secret( DVD 2)-Photoshop Cs4-Applying Tatoos by nelson PART 1

  1. DANTE908780 says:

    @Loolified lol

  2. DANTE908780 says:

    some ones MP3player is playing from the bathroom lool

  3. nen50 says:

    @360fanification thats truth hahahaahahahhaha …

  4. hellenic300 says:

    it does take less than that
    he takes ages cause he uses the liquefy filter when it’s quicker to save 2 copies of you’re person one normal and one black and white, save the blk and white version as a psd file then when you drag you tattoo onto your colour image go to filter distort then displace leave the setting on default then use your black and white image when the pop up box comes up and it does it automatically for you
    trust me it takes less time to do it than it does to explain it

  5. 360fanification says:

    Dude you turned a 5 second job into a 6mins lol

  6. Melanatedone says:


  7. Loolified says:

    thats because most photoshop vids are played back at a higher speed this isnt. the person is actually quite fast, you try and see if it takes you more than 5 mins 45 secs :D

    This is not meant as a mean reply. Ur great :D <-see NICE reply…

  8. liddy85 says:

    slow and ateady wins the race

  9. kim66003 says:

    ok nice

  10. balabingbalaboom says:

    work so slow -_-

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