TOP 40 BEST TATTOOS HD ♪ Apocalyptica – Nothing Else Matters

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to TOP 40 BEST TATTOOS HD ♪ Apocalyptica – Nothing Else Matters

  1. windrimondo says:

    This video is sick!

  2. BurningDownUrHouse says:

    Thumbs up if you sang along to the song while watching.

  3. IluvCaliGirlsBay2LA says:

    Most painful spot to get a tattoo known to man. Yes more painful then getting ur dick tatted or ur vagina if u are a girl

  4. spyranteros says:

    1:26 :o

  5. franscitroen says:

    The artist of the Eye tattoo is Camilo Tuero Martinez :)

  6. stacyboudreau123 says:

    the eye tattoo was done on the back of the left shoulder. Pretty fuckin’ realistic huh. I’d fuckin’ luv 2 get a tattoo done by that artist.

  7. forestcreekgwopboi says:

    manee dem some creativel artistic ass people reel livee

  8. marcelo barco says:

    Breath taking tattoos


    awesome…..all of it

  10. goodinfotoknow says:

    suicide, blasphemy, worship of antichrist (pale jew with red eyes, who moves like superman and makes fire come down from the sky), receiving mark of the beast (rfid chip-small grey world passport-electronic tattoo-666 tattoo by lasers), and going into ufo ship (aliens=ghosts=demons) lead to hell.

  11. 214325326457 says:

    are eye tattoo;s painful?

  12. Dustin Allen says:

    Check out my Videos to see me tattoo myself and switch out ambidextrious to tattoo other arm after video.

  13. Vare941 says:

    2:59, 3:08 woooow *_*

  14. ryanblinkguy says:

    That is some sick art work

  15. ANGRYBIRD61022 says:

    ok know i wanna get one

  16. hollycecelia says:

    0:44 is the most beautiful thing i think i’ve ever seen.
    dear jesus, i’m tearing up..

  17. tattoodesignwrists says:

    Wow, love the full sleeves right at the start. There really are some beautiful ones here so thanks for sharing with us all.

  18. musicnoital04 says:

    1:01 easily the most realistic tattoo I’ve ever seen…

  19. NIGHT2PWN says:

    holy shit skills 

  20. stormtrooper471 says:

    The music made this so much cooler

  21. musicislife4028 says: the people that did these tattoos are freaking goodd!!!

  22. evilintel1 says:

    the eye tattoo is easily one of the best

  23. evelynblanco1 says:


  24. Fitbikes209 says:

    The World Trade Center tattoo is THE BEST!

  25. ignyte says:

    1:25 amen!

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