The Zombies – She’s Not There

video i put together
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to The Zombies – She’s Not There

  1. garywingrove says:

    @GiraffeGrll haha they all look like ashton kutcher!

  2. rayito2005 says:

    Que bonita canción lo he escuchado en una radio retro de 60’s y 70’s..

  3. WX5G says:

    The only thing that kept the 60’s from being the perfect time,was the racism, segregation,…..and Vietnam…….

  4. keltec2000 says:

    thanks for that loud scream right in my ear. Just the music please.

  5. KutWrite says:

    Good job!

    Looks like 2 video sources and the album sound.
    Only unsynchronized for a bit in the middle.

    One Wish: To have seen the keyboard players’ hands instead of the drummer during the great little keyboard solo.

  6. 66eccles says:

    The exact position is not my place to say, but this is the top 10 singles of all time.

  7. GiraffeGrll says:

    sexy sexy gods! i swear men back then were much better than the ones we have now….

  8. heathi51 says:

    @fscota3 because we want our sexy guys to stay young and sexy forever so that everyone we know, our kids and our grandkids can all agree how sexy he is

  9. heathi51 says:

    @xdiesease oh that little thing? hahaha

  10. chaselovespizza says:

    santans version isnt as good

  11. TheNokie65 says:

    is a badass tune most stuff from my era 60s was badass hey dont hate put up or shut up.

  12. fscota3 says:

    @barioz21297 why is that sad?

  13. GypsyTeeLee says:

    I loved this song
    This was around 1963?

  14. GypsyTeeLee says:

    I loved this song

  15. dylanmcdonald95 says:

    Dubstep? Rock?
    Hip hop? Wtf?
    There’s intrinsic goodness here.

  16. barioz21297 says:

    Is sexy as hell, sad he must be eighty years old

  17. stickypool says:

    This is great, I’m the Zombies newest fan.

  18. brianprince100 says:

    Bride of The Lamb or Harlot of Babylon…simple simons…all a matter of Geography and geography…when and where…who’s Who…Robes of Righteousness…filthy rags…Which is witch? Again…GRACE BE TO THE CAPSTONE! Think about these concepts…then re-watch.

  19. crocodilepeter says:

    Nothing compares to the Zombies version of shes not there !

  20. 15381472 says:

    @XGeNReaL, that’s she’s not there from the zombies, just as the rest of this video

  21. lasub69 says:

    Love Them ♥

  22. The33unicorns says:

    Love them

  23. mripauna says:

    Damn the girl at 2:16 is hot! I’m afraid I’m a bit too late tho :P

  24. jman32121 says:

    @gfm2011 I think he means in the United States. Now stop with the homophobia. Makes you sound like an idiotic skin head.

  25. Ellipser says:

    So do a vid to this, dedicated to the upper neo-con family farm.

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