The Two Handed Great Sword Test! Cold Steel. Skyrim in real life. Zombie apocalypse.

In this episode we visit Cold Steel and Lynn Thompson to see if a Two Handed Great Sword can make a zombie go boom! Zombie Go Boom empowers you with the skills you need to kick ass and survive the zombie apocalypse! Want to buy the products featured in this episode? Shirts and Jersey: Great Swordi: Facebook Channel: Music by Klayplex How to kill a zombie with a sword How to kill a zombie. How to use sword How to survive the zombie apocalypse. Zombie Go Boom presented by: ZGB Studios In association with: Silver Shamrock Lab Produced by: Chris Mills James Sweet Chuck Meré Cast Jim Goza as himself Chuck Meré as himself Charles Fultz as himself Frances Wilson as herself Kersten Elliot as herself Category: Howto & Style
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to The Two Handed Great Sword Test! Cold Steel. Skyrim in real life. Zombie apocalypse.

  1. TheRTLegacy says:

    i’m guessing they were just trying to do something cool and so they did i think they will go back to household items in a bit

  2. dutchrousseau says:

    blow gun with brodhead darts

  3. KazeinHD says:

    Cold Steel blades are damn near flawless, and should they be flawed, they will fix the issue the moment you notify them and send the product in. You get a brand new one, and the guarantee is pretty much eternal. They are affordable because they see no reason to have their weapons cost more than neccessary. They are a fantastic company, and I absolutely love them. Cheers to Lynn and the CS crew!

  4. ttpoo12 says:

    Ik, i just thought it was a bit funny

  5. baze1100 says:

    Lynn is the true dovahkiin.

  6. MrJohn3636 says:

    G’day from Australia ZombieGoBoom. Have you tested the butterfly swords yet? Cause, I train with those blades and find them to be pretty effective weapons, if there is going to be a zombie apocalypse, I’d put my trust in the blades I hold. If so, could you or someone link the video to me please? Thank you.

  7. jesusrighthandman says:

    I fucking love the editing of these videos thumbs up if you agree!:-)

  8. whiteboys251 says:

    what happened to kathy ,jim

  9. frogger832 says:

    Omg !!! csknives is here !!!

  10. Cheesegrinds2 says:

    You and the slo-mo guys need to do something together. ;)

  11. dogxxxbeta says:

    to make the tests more accurate you could pit a hat of cothes on the head

  12. HeavyMetalKitty12 says:

    now all they need for the show is a nice FUS RO DAH!

  13. Moreno3rece says:

    At 3:27 he does a psycho path smile.

  14. MrYonathan444 says:

    nice slowmotion!!! when you are gonna test some more bow and arow stuff i think that will be awesome. i realy like zombie go boom.
    and at home i have a couple of surfival knifes and katana’s
    so i think i will be prepared enough for an apocalypse

  15. 48mastadon says:

    More Kersten, less everything else.

  16. sometime1lol1 says:

    hello, Jim you could use Co2 rockets, pipe bombs or a flare gun to KICK UNDEAD ASS!

  17. Justin Chacon says:

    Use a combat boot

  18. simon62913 says:

    Heads go boom get it
    thats what she said

  19. TheMarshalleseboy says:

    Try a Shaolin spade

  20. tallswede80 says:

    should have used the grosse messer

  21. markietheblade says:

    A kettle.

  22. TheFunkyman1998 says:

    @TheFunkyman1998 i mean wabbajack

  23. TheFunkyman1998 says:

    use wabback pls :D lol

  24. SirSparklez8 says:

    looks @ decapitated head… -That is so clean! *sarcasm*

  25. IamHueGraves says:

    I dont think they want people knowing how to kill their family and friends effectively

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