The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trailer 2011 Official HD

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Official Movie Trailer 2011 HD starring Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara & Christopher Plummer The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the first film in Columbia Pictures’ three-picture adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s literary blockbuster The Millennium Trilogy. Directed…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trailer 2011 Official HD

  1. ZoRollenWe1 says:

    @MimaRunaway it has the same name

  2. MimaRunaway says:

    what’s the name of the sweedish version?

  3. johnnyparth says:

    the girl with the dragon tattoo 2011 ρε παιδια πειτε μου εναν λογο γιατι να φτιαξουνε και αλλη ταινια αφου ειχε βγει η σουηδικη the girl with the dragon tattoo 2009……λες και δεν ξερουμε την υποθεση…..χρειαζεται δηλαδη να την ξαναδουμε? επρεπε να συνεχισουν καπως αλλιως την προηγουμενη υποθεση

  4. MrFikrullah says:

    kira kira ada di dalam filmnya kucing nya beneran di mutilasi yaa?
    hebat deh haha

  5. zo0omaa says:

    @xJaymieSomerhalder No, not at all .. and If he meant to offend you .. Fuck him! xD

  6. methepartyrocker says:

    it’s good

  7. CedricShow says:

    @Aquabibllamacorn15 it did

  8. xJaymieSomerhalder says:

    O.o My teacher told me I would be interesting in this type of movie, I don’t know if I should feel a bit awkward or offended…

  9. PANOSSTACTO says:

    I like it !

  10. gothexperiments says:

    I really, really enjoyed it.. Better than Swedish one in my opinion.

  11. fire2277spn says:

    I watched this movie and it just blows my mind <3<3<3 I know the original as well and in my oppinion the remake must not hide :o) I love the way the movie is photographed…

  12. DonArmand0 says:

    One of the best 2011 movies!!!

  13. Jellyfish60 says:



  14. baalzor says:

    ill never understand why they make remakes of the movies that are already awesome as original.
    i mean what the fuck….

  15. TheFilmShark says:

    I love Rooney Mara. Her performance in ‘Dragon Tattoo’ blew me away. Mark my words, she is going to be a big star soon.

  16. PrkOwnzU says:

    this movie will suck compared to the original män som hatar kvinnor :D

  17. Revival1969 says:

    @Aquabibllamacorn15 It’s not just American, looks more a British/American remake.

  18. gracecosgrave111 says:

    this looks awsome !

  19. WildMike1234 says:

    Just seen it at the cinema. Rooney Mara deserves an award for this, her commitment to that role is awesome.

  20. mari21ch says:

    @oriteper when american productions make a remake.this couldn’t compare with the original….the swedish is much better!…you must see the three swedish movies first then you’ll unterstand! :)

  21. BrutalnEpic says:

    Rooney was so fucking HOTTTTTTTTTTT. Great movie!

  22. buatt says:

    Erika in the swedish version were ugly as a garbage bin.. here looks much more the intriguing character of the book

  23. BluzJack says:

    Noomi Rapace is the true,one and only Lisbeth Salander,The other one is just a cheap copy.

  24. greshy92 says:

    woah! This looks amazing!

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