The Cranberries – Zombie ” Live In London “

The Best Of 1992-2002 Discografia The Cranberies: UNCERTAIN — 1991 EVERY BODY ELSE IS DOING IT, SO WHY CAN’T WE? — 1992 NO NEED TO ARGUE — 1994 TO THE DEPARTED — 1996 BURY THE HATCHET- 1999 Beneath the Skin (Live in Paris)

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25 Responses to The Cranberries – Zombie ” Live In London “

  1. snc16net says:

    เยี่ยมครับ กูจะเม้นไทย

  2. SoyBoySigh says:

    Who did she flip off? That’s obvious: The sound-board guy. Ha ha.

  3. mexicanmex says:

    Cranberries will for ever be in my top ten bands

  4. kamalrasigan says:

    “The Cranberries – Zombie (live in Paris 1999)” is the best …you can see Dolores at her emotional best….

  5. 109ritwik says:

    hahaa @0:59 showing middle finger .!!

  6. 109ritwik says:

    hahaa @0:59 showing middle finger .!!

  7. antonio36599 says:

    0:59 shows middle finger to someone :D

  8. SANTHYAGO3431 says:

    Uffff q vos y q mujer :D

  9. Jagstang67 says:

    lmao i always wondered who sang this and got here by total mistake

  10. DavidCastoe says:

    thats one dead crowd, I guess the english really dont like the irish, huh? If only most English people realized the fact that almost all the best english born rockers have irish roots. Lennon/McCartney and the Gallagher brothers. I also like Irish Americans Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. lets hust face it the Irish are the best musicians in the world.

  11. TheRadrobby says:

    she rocks my socks..

  12. mrLioneMafia says:

    @yanker2009 they have ears on their head, and they hear the difference from cranberries live and cd.
    She. cant. sing.

  13. MsTubbytube says:

    @yanker2009 I think this performed not long after terrorist bombings in London had killed several people. And it was before the Cranberries had become hugely popular. I suspect the mood of the crowd then was somber, perhaps some in the front of the audience had friends who had been killed. Also it’s not a pop concert, the dancing style might not be what you would expect

  14. ratedinsane1 says:

    @yanker2009 there ZOMBIE`S lol

  15. SirBeastly74 says:

    lol I wonder who she was flipping off
    If she flipped me off I would’ve been like “dude she flipped me off” the the guy behind me would say “No she flipped me off” then we would fight because he was jealous

  16. koolf1234 says:


  17. iannyrockwell says:

    is sheamus in?

  18. TheAnneeeey says:

    @mankind844 yeees Oo

  19. mankind844 says:

    0:58 She shows a Middle Finger!

  20. Jaos291 says:

    if yournot going to scream like a pornstar…..please dont go to a concert, its for people who wants to sing and jump every fucking second in the crowd….

  21. lasytowyrata says:

    esta chida esta cansion suvan mas

  22. MrTarzandelosmonos says:

    when i listen to this group…. i want to be KARATEKA…


  23. MineTutsGame says:

    1:00 LOL WTF? THIS NICE ;D

  24. pwned596 says:

    That was some first class drumming xD

  25. MrPlutarch says:

    @yanker2009 wat da fuk is wrong wit your grammar????

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