Teaser: Rick Genest, alias RICO THE ZOMBIE from Lady Gaga’s Born This way

NIGHTLIFE.CA’s exclusive interview with Rick Genest, alias Zombie Boy and the new face of Thierry Mugler. * UPDATED * View the full version of this video: www.nightlife.ca Read our exclusive interview with Rico the Zombie: www.nightlife.ca View our exclusive behind the scenes photoshoot: www.nightlife.ca www.nightlife.ca
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Teaser: Rick Genest, alias RICO THE ZOMBIE from Lady Gaga’s Born This way

  1. Amirgaga1 says:

    His sexy

  2. nshame1 says:


  3. theanalysticme says:

    hey! i just found a new video of rico and its real crazy!!! type in zombie boy 7jourstv in the search bar to find it !!

  4. 19TheKissMe91 says:

    Rick, marry me <3

  5. GlockBusterFilms says:

    If you guys want to see more videos of other things Rick is doing, please visit our channel. We have videos of Rick Genest ‘s freakshow act crew LUCIFERS BLASPHEMOUS.
    This is all official stuff, we work closely as a team, and have up comming projects in the works (which i can’t talk about yet)

    so subscribe to our channel or check back frequently to see more videos!

  6. Haunz1989 says:

    I wanna see his ID, and passport, how cool would it be? with his face, they sure can’t miss him at airports. lol. LOVE HIM!

  7. peaachesxo says:

    @SanityRidden i find him fucking gorgeous too. maybe hes just naturally sexy, but with tats

  8. sashathepanda says:

    Im strangely attracted to this man… he is art…

  9. CirqueDeEliaoko says:

    i want him in my bed <3 <3 <3

  10. Aspenfash899 says:

    i love rick :)

    but i wanna hear his voice

  11. mmeoww666 says:

    hes fucking fine.

  12. Izebaal says:

    Even nice guys can be sexy now..?! Raawr!

  13. warholbitch says:


  14. SanityRidden says:

    Why do I find him so attractive….

  15. tarantella212 says:

    He’s amazing <3

  16. andrelemi says:

    @iMstrKrft I know ‘dear’ but the case is I never saw him with any sign of hair growing… whatever!

  17. chode095 says:

    what music is this?

  18. everybodify says:

    everything in this video is perfect

  19. iMstrKrft says:

    @andrelemi Yeah, well there’s this thing called “shaving”. Look it up.

  20. andrelemi says:

    doesnt he have hair?

  21. JezebelLynx says:

    i’m obsessed. fascinated just watching him blink. beautiful quality thanks :)

  22. inomuiro says:

    Can’t wait for the complete video!!

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