Tattoos: Common First Tattoo Mistakes

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19 Responses to Tattoos: Common First Tattoo Mistakes

  1. h0niels says:

    @dumfux13 not saying from a tattoo shop where you know the guy, but from a place where you don’t know anyone .

  2. BoredomIncarnate says:

    “Good Tattoos Aren’t Cheap
    Cheap Tattoos Aren’t Good”
    That’s the FIRST thing you see when you walk into the parlor where I got mine. Place was freakin’ awesome. How a real studio should be. Not the kind of place where you can order “Skull $45″ like a goddamned cheeseburger.

  3. GelberFisch8 says:

    I’m very interested in that kind of videos ! so thx

  4. dumfux13 says:

    @h0niels not always, im friends with the owner of a tattoo shop, i get mine for large discounted price, sometimes even free. you trying to say cause i get cheap tattoos they must be poor qulity? think before you speak

  5. fikujez says:

    @texankagome “you should have..” people are just one huge pain in the ass

  6. h0niels says:

    A cheap tattoo is a bad tattoo.

  7. NinJaPaNdaPOcKyP0wER says:

    @4u2die4 not me :|

  8. HomerXtra says:

    Dude, you look like an old Adam Sandler !!

  9. 4u2die4 says:

    did anybody else see anthony Padilla?

  10. popsoccer09 says:

    @sobeboyzz It’s my body, I’ll cover it in beautiful artwork if I want to.

  11. TGKKiddKidd says:

    I love tattoos

  12. animalloverqueen says:

    Can people shut the fuck up, there are some people that are actually genuinely interested, HowCast is just putting out a very large range of videos out to suit everyone’s needs, not just yours.

  13. gothicchik52 says:

    @sobeboyzz Whats wrong with getting a tattoo?

  14. NekoDKitty says:


  15. texankagome says:

    My number one pet peeve when I got my first tattoo was when someone told me “Oh you should have told me you wanted a tattoo, I know someone that could have done it for way less than what you paid for!” I could care less about your friend I wanted to get my tattoo where I wanted!

  16. 99PercentOrangeJuice says:

    How to spam my sub box with tattoo and astrology shit that is useless and unhelpful, come on howcast pull your finger out your ass

  17. sobeboyzz says:

    The most common first tattoo mistake is GETTING A FUCKING TATTOO.

  18. jerkinslowmotion says:

    forced!!! first comment stuff is forced!!!!

  19. CaoCao67 says:

    First comment xD

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