A Sailor’s not a Sailor till’ a Sailor’s been Tattoo’d! Ethel Merman & Mitzi Gaynor from “There’s No Business Like Show Business”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Tattoo’d

  1. a07002 says:

    I forgot how cute Mitzi was …

  2. gravitas28 says:

    Woomp Woomp! They don’t make musicals like they use too. JAZZ HANDS! BOB FOSSE!

  3. newrochellephoenix says:

    I like the gent with the tattoos.

  4. miltsar says:

    I can not imagine why anyone would find this disturbing…it is a joyous romp and it is performed beautifully by two superb show women .

  5. firelotus117 says:


  6. steelshirt says:

    I’d mutton her chops.

  7. weikko79 says:

    No, it’s from “There’s No Business Like Show Business”. Learn to spell, smart girl!

  8. weikko79 says:

    I have to say that Mitzi Gaynor looks incredibly sexy in a sailor suit. (Ethel Merman perhaps less so.) I also love seeing her butt through her sailor suit at 2:20 and elsewhere.

  9. weikko79 says:

    Well, one of them does.

  10. bunyipgirl says:

    this is disturbing and funny on so many levels :D

  11. webuster says:

    This song disturbed me so much the first time I saw this movie-Ethel Merman with sideburns-*shudders*

  12. rockanoarkennels says:

    Hmmmm the sailors have boobs and great legs????

  13. rockanoarkennels says:

    Wow ever one was soaking up drawing up on Ethel…..

  14. brewmaster says:

    those sailor dudes have pretty high voices and nice tits

  15. drudellauk says:

    I love Ethel merman and I love TATTOOS!!!!

  16. artistmac says:

    Yes. The next year, in “Anything Goes”, she and Donald O’Connor, who played brother and sister in this film, played lovers. Only in the movies;-)

  17. broadwaysweetheart says:

    Aw Mitzi Gaynor is so cute

  18. DanceTaps says:

    im asking you to upload tap dance clips please

  19. smartgirlxXx says:

    wats tap clips?

  20. DanceTaps says:

    do you have tap shoes tap clips

  21. smartgirlxXx says:

    is this from “there’s no buissness like show buissness”?

  22. smartgirlxXx says:

    u like tap.

  23. luvtapdance says:

    tap shoes dancers please

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