Tatoo de Chester Bennington

La collec’ de tatoo de Chazy ^^
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Tatoo de Chester Bennington

  1. ElizabethCorkins says:

    Funny cuz im an Aries on the cusp of Pieces :) I totally can get that about being firey/ watery… its like to opposites mixing and can be kinda comfusing at times!!!! lol

  2. XxLinkinParkxXLoveXx says:

    Im having the Linkin park tattoo he has on his back <3 Chester Bennington is awesome *

  3. 6themitchell says:

    love love love

  4. sweetlily40 says:

    dude needs to work out. still sexy though

  5. ArieruChan says:

    I love him so much<3

  6. nikki777chikki says:

    Did he say his wife has a dragon on her ass 42x the size of that?! Oh shit that’s a big ass…

  7. lovedrreid1 says:

    This is a literal comment. If LP stopped and split up, I’d kill myself.

  8. rubseman says:

    “and here is my crispy cream” xD

  9. PigSandwhich says:

    @mo4life0666, dude, its my fucking dream to meet him.

  10. aatishporsche says:

    lol at 0.59 haha

  11. TheSickness055 says:

    The flames on his wrists are kind of ugly. The colors, and the idea isn’t very original..he has sick tattoo’s though..

  12. AdrianTorres1234 says:

    prety cool that he tatto the group name and the cover on the album inmagin if they would split up the group o_O hope this is a sign that they wont :) love em so mutch i would die of they split up LP 4 EVER <3

  13. afixlifexlove says:

    “…and that is the crispy cream.”

    you know a guy is hot when he can even make THAT look sexy! :)

  14. karineb29 says:

    Yeah am a pisces my too :P
    love his tattoo real cool too;)

  15. daldal23 says:

    how much deduction does he have alot by the looks of it

  16. DasJulschn says:

    muhaha, I like Chesters Krispy Kream^^

  17. KirstinaAS says:

    i love his tatoo and he!!! LP 4ever

  18. L1P571C says:

    wtf is that crawling? :DD

  19. DouHudson says:

    WOw cé flammes sont trop cool
    Cé mes préférés!

    Haha y cé faite tatoué des bagues cé wize
    Vive chestouuu

  20. RockingSoul093 says:

    his tattoos r really awesome!! i wanna have flames on my wrists too xD

  21. letterstoanyone says:

    uooh Pisces and left handed like me.

  22. nsnodee says:

    I am a Pisces too!!!! coolie.!!!!<3<3
    love his tattoos real cool

  23. BiggestKornFan1993 says:

    I’m Pisces too!!!Cool!!!!

  24. mo4life0666 says:

    Chester is the fucking man, i got his autograph last year project revolution, hes a nice guy to talk with lol.

  25. sparklegirl19 says:

    ♥♥ohh!.NICE TATTOO…♥♥


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