Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010: Artwork Creator

WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 SvR2010: Artwork Creator Video Credit Goes To: Brought To You By: Click Here for more Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 Coverage
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010: Artwork Creator

  1. DawanaEureka160 says:

    Rad game I stumbled across it for my ps3 for free at VISITANDGAME |.| COM

  2. bukie89fella says:

    Nice!! can u make a tutorial about create a wrestler but than a diva version?? :) i wanna know how that looks

  3. roler42 says:

    i just hope there can be a way to plug a usb mouse like you can do with the keyboard, i can draw but with the controller… like a pain xDD


    it would be cool if the ps2 limitations would allow this feature to stay… i only have a ps2

  4. shremar2 says:

    well not acatuly Its For A CAW and A Superstar

  5. m80wolf says:

    so what is t his? creating a logo for your character?

  6. DKIncstunts says:

    what is the artwork creator anyways

  7. swantonoffatev1 says:

    dont tell me your going PG-13 as well, thats the only thing bad about this years game is that they leave it out of the lower consoles so they make people buy another console thats just got what? better graphics, by like 1 pixel that is just FUCKING GAY!!!!!!!!! >=(

  8. LimeGuy101 says:

    Can you please stop calling everything “fucking gay”? It makes you look so immature. By the way, if they don’t have it on the PS2, Wii and Xbox versions, it really would be “fucking gay”, however I doubt that they would once again, remove an essential component of the Create-a-Wrestler feature, from the PS2/Wii/Xbox versions of the game, when it’s completely unnecessary, if you can’t see where I’m coming from, you’re sad, and I won’t reply further.

  9. swantonoffatev1 says:

    thats just fuckn gay they dont have it in ps2 and wii and by the way your the one that started the spurting insults lol

  10. LimeGuy101 says:

    Okay, I assumed that was the situation, no reason to go off your face at me, and I still find it hard to believe, that they would remove a key feature from the game, for the PS2 and Wii, seeing as they could quite easily handle it, and my picture, well, maybe it’s just my developed sense of humour, or the fact that I love The Mask, or the fact that my favourite colour is green, either way, how does it make me a dumbass? Once again, you spurt out random insults, making yourself look retarded…

  11. swantonoffatev1 says:

    look fuck off this guy said it this artwork creator on ps2 as well as ps3 and xbox 360? and i said no just ps3 and xbox 360 then you come along and say its on ps2, wii, ps3, xbox, 360, DS no its fuckn not dick its only on ps3 and xbox 360 and i think your picture tells all who the actual dumass is

  12. LimeGuy101 says:

    Yes, I know that’s what you mean, I just find that extremely hard to believe, and why do you keep throwing out random insults? You think it makes you seem intelligent, look at the previous comments, and tell me who is the actual dumbass?

  13. swantonoffatev1 says:

    i meant the artwork creator isnt on xbox or ps2 dumass shut up

  14. LimeGuy101 says:

    I saw that you said it wasn’t on the Xbox or Ps2, and I corrected you, if you can actually tell me that they are going to completely remove a feature, which the last gen is totally capable of handling, then I’ll apologize and leave you alone, otherwise, grow up, dick…

  15. swantonoffatev1 says:

    in was actually answering someone elses question and i dont know what your answering me for ? and the artwork creator isnt on PS2 or Xbox or DS dick

  16. LimeGuy101 says:

    Well, for starters you fail at caps lock, and secondly, you never mentioned the fact that you were talking about the artwork creator, and how do you know it won’t be on the PS2 and Xbox versions? The game is, why wouldn’t the feature?

  17. swantonoffatev1 says:


  18. badboiblaze says:

    Dolph Ziggler logo could this be a hint that hes in the game ???

  19. Rocker713 says:

    lol did you watch the video? that’s exactly what he did at the end! lol

  20. LimeGuy101 says:

    Nope, PS3, 360′, PS2, Xbox, Wii, FOOL

  21. swantonoffatev1 says:

    thats the creator of the game playing it and thats a demo i think

  22. swantonoffatev1 says:

    yess proof they listened to us at the start “this is something the fans have been asking for”
    SVR 2010 is gonna be sick !!! thumbs up if you agree !!!!

  23. swantonoffatev1 says:

    nope just ps3 and xbox 360 :-|

  24. swantonoffatev1 says:

    you can

  25. swantonoffatev1 says:

    yep it is

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