Skull Mask Makeup Tutorial

I get multiple requests a day to do Lady Gaga’s skull makeup. I’m not redoing a skull mask video since I did this one in 2008, so I renamed it instead. Enjoy. you asked, so here it is. the mask that is in my user icon.. only this time i did it 2380957109 times better than last year. I was inspired by Rick Genest and his tattoos. photos and list of products used: my brow covering tutorial: ______ Twitter: Facebook: Personal Channel: General emails & requests: Professional, business, or media inquires:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Skull Mask Makeup Tutorial

  1. uselessid90 says:

    I seriously seriously can’t believe you’re getting comments on videos like this about your sexuality.
    1st of all, ummmm this is FUCKING awesome makeup, [everything you do is awesome], so what does it even matter if you’re gay or straight.
    What matters is how much more talent you have in your pinky finger than most of these guru’s have in their entire body.
    Just watch the video and be fucking impressed, okay? okay.
    Love love love you!

  2. askandaa67 says:

    when you said blend and blood.. i got scared!

  3. illknockyouout01 says:

    him GAY!? …NOOOOOOOO not at alllllll hes only putting fucking make up videos cause thats what ALLLLL the straight guys are doin these days dont you know?? ….. btw is that YOUR make up or your mom’s / sisters?

  4. superfreakout123 says:

    u are so gay but good job

  5. NTheKiller says:

    manusing MAKEUP?!?!?! WTF DUDE

  6. NTheKiller says:

    you are so GAY!!!

  7. touchsmart0 says:

    it kinda bugs me that the teeth go past the actaul mouth line, mostly cuz they dont move when u talk…

  8. funnyMusicLoL says:


  9. VenueG says:

    This is awsome! Keep doing what you do! It’s incredible!

  10. 1925stefy says:

    this was really good =) good job!

  11. luvshiei says:

    @JalkaPuoli and you are so ignorant

  12. punkrocker064 says:

    dude, this is frieking awesome :D

  13. madgetee says:

    you can hear his clock when its quuuuuieeettt. lol.

  14. TreeTV1 says:

    hes gay?

  15. CriminallDamage says:

    @JalkaPuoli STFU TROLL your so gay.

  16. The50CalMrMcNall says:


  17. JalkaPuoli says:

    this is so gay

  18. MrsGingerbread1 says:

    how did you learn to paint sooo well man?? its amazing (=

  19. jemzy1439 says:

    omg !! i literally want your teeth theyre perfect O_o <333 and i love youre tutorials :D

  20. ray26561 says:

    That must take ages to do it looks pretty cool if I do say so my self my shoe size is 7 English size lol

  21. viper9511 says:

    @emogoddest so my step dad should act 6 cuz thats his shoe size

  22. bratzfan41 says:

    i dont care if hes gay or not but if he wasnt id still go out with him<3

  23. propella756 says:

    He’s so gay.

  24. 9abcmelvin9abc says:

    u rock man

  25. 9abcmelvin9abc says:


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