Skull Boy

This video was inspired by the skullboy tattoo I saw on The song is called ‘City Of The Dead’, used with permission from A Day Called Desire, new EP ‘Vital Signs’ out September 24th. thankyou guys for letting me use your song!! ps, I know I already posted this ages ago, but I had to take it down as I had used a song that I didn’t have permission to use.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Skull Boy

  1. GhostDistortion says:

    I don’t get it Big Dan?

  2. Kiwi653 says:

    @twinsister810 ??

  3. twinsister810 says:

    You stupid English person

  4. onesorange says:

    Haha wow I remember watching this when I was 18.

  5. JazzyLeZoo says:

    @daz71 me too!!

  6. daz71 says:

    Long before Gaga did it. You should add the title of her new track to your tags ;)

    When I first saw the new Gaga vid I thought of this.

  7. Amycakes1 says:

    everyone’s going apeshit over the zombie guy on tumblr today
    he does look fucking incredible to be fair!
    and this was quite the same bryony, nice oneeee

  8. kwlkookie06 says:


  9. TheFunnySokka says:

    Get back in the kitchen!

  10. queeeeeeeny says:

    LOVE this video

  11. coolcrazy918 says:

    oh right the video is backwards xD

  12. TheLelloJello says:

    awesome!! :D

  13. jlinky1 says:

    Yeah, thirteen year olds shouldn’t know how to spell /sarcasm

  14. X1whitney1X says:

    Yeah, im only 13, spelling isnt exactly at the top of my list

  15. astronautjenny says:

    Maybe learning to spell will make it worth while.

  16. X1whitney1X says:

    1 star, waist of time

  17. lc890331 says:


  18. cherrytear says:

    Great Idea…
    First i thought:” What the hell is she doin'”

  19. Veronicasaysso says:

    Rewinded, she took off her makeup but it looked like she put it on

  20. MissLovelyLindsey says:

    oh haha im stupidXD thank youu

  21. KNolan26 says:

    The video is backwards. She’s actually taking OFF the makeup ahha

  22. appleofsodom2004 says:


  23. MissLovelyLindsey says:

    Wait, im did she do that?

  24. X3sAiiDaDaB0MBx3 says:

    That is cool! But i am not stupid not to know that’s backwards haha.

  25. evanescence31998 says:

    thats hot how did u do that

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