Sexy Cool Rick Genest “Zombie Boy” photo shoot with Meagan Cignoli

Meagan Cignoli shoots Lady Gagas Muse Zombie Boy, Rick Genest, behind the scenes video of his fashion shoot for We The Urban Magazine. Styled by Javon Drake Filmed & Edited by Roman France, Produced by Amber A Lee. Song: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

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24 Responses to Sexy Cool Rick Genest “Zombie Boy” photo shoot with Meagan Cignoli

  1. xXkiLLeDD0LLx3 says:

    Omg I’m dying. He’s so so so sexy!! *Q* I want him…I really really want him (to fuck me!) ♥ jjweeuwegbskajgbsjkbga!!!!!!

  2. Kimmycupable says:

    melted at 1:33 <3

  3. UrAFuckinGimp says:

    hes so fuckin’ hot omg asdfghjkl <3

  4. alexandrasosexy says:

    Oh, the things I would do to him if he’d let me!

  5. AlizeePadalecki says:

    He’s so damn sexy 

  6. LyrikzDatPrettyBoi says:

    my right ear is buggin.

  7. hss413 says:

    I enjoy the wink at the end!

  8. elpactodejohnson1 says:

    would it be clever to keep the face clean and paint it just for sesions and performances? how can he live with that mapache eyes and nose 24 hs a day

  9. badmaaash says:

    horny sluts

  10. shortitaliangirl says:

    did you see that….? he just blew a kiss at me! *faint*

  11. LoverDollLinz says:


  12. MsJackanape says:

    hes sexy and he knows it

  13. wolfkiba1000 says:

    Rick Genast is so sexy……*heart builting……fainting*

  14. am00nh says:

    I love the sunglasses and the yellow shose ;))

  15. TinNyanko says:

    0:29 A pug! :3

  16. xdarren421x says:

    where can i get those sunglasses?

  17. Cupcake6661 says:

    rick genest = sex!

  18. yorkandcrown says:

    hot! AND i love his dynamic with Stevie!!!

  19. NightwakeVirus says:

    He’s so incredibly sexy.

  20. MeaganCignoli says:

    @sexyback82 Trent Reznor

  21. hss413 says:

    Sexiest. Man. Alive.

  22. sexyback82 says:


  23. MelissaRunning says:

    God hes so gorgeous!

  24. DebilDevil87 says:

    He’s an artwork! A masterpeace!

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