S3 Ep22 – Eric’s Drunken Tatoo – Part 1

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to S3 Ep22 – Eric’s Drunken Tatoo – Part 1

  1. cheetahfine says:

    @stharm88 – are you refering to Donna’s butt in the air? lol it does look nice . I didn’t even notice that part…you perv you lol

  2. johnnyschneider1 says:

    damn donna got the cake

  3. BlackZepellin says:

    @brokenheart288 He’s in the episode where they’re at JAckie’s cabin, he’s the one that gives Kelso a ride.

  4. stharm88 says:

    pause between 0:06 – 0:07

  5. EdwardJacobDiggory17 says:

    Today Fez was too funny he ate 3 bags of marshmallows in 3 minutes I think that’s a record or something. And Kelso balanced a snow cone on his nose. What a weird day.
    Hehe I read Donna’s journal XD

  6. Fuzzyjell0 says:

    WoW! That was Nick Bakay doing the voice for Donna’s Journal!

  7. Alahandraluv says:

    whats a damn cat doing in donna’s journal?

  8. dk5388 says:


  9. papacharlie123 says:

    @TheMarkitos51091 I lost internet connection at 6 seconds… I was so happy :)

  10. marbalie says:

    @2Lazy4aRealName i know right! it was actually kind of disturbing a little bit

  11. marbalie says:

    @nano41499 to see donna’s buttocks

  12. nano41499 says:

    @TheMarkitos51091 why

  13. 2Lazy4aRealName says:

    I don’t think Eric’s lie was any better than the truth…

  14. Fino8sherry says:

    Well i tried to cut a metal pipe with a flower, but it was real slow going. :D

  15. missweettooth says:

    Is anyone else having problems gettin to episode 23?

  16. preciousamina1 says:

    the diary voice sounds so creepy

  17. chris255N says:

    @226CrazyGamer well it should be rite below Suggestions.. .but if its not then just type it in search: S3 Ep22 – Eric’s Drunken Tatoo – Part 2. It should be one of the first videos that come out.

  18. 226CrazyGamer says:

    @chris255N where is part 2

  19. chris255N says:

    lol i thought it said drunken Taboo.. .XD i was like wtf?

  20. ALExXxRUSSOofAN says:

    mila kunis is friggin’ gorgeous! we’re married :)

  21. crzymnkykiller says:

    @brokenheart288 and the truck driver in an earlier season, the one where they go to jackies cabin

  22. cupcakegurls909 says:

    @TheMarkitos51091 OHHHHHH!!!!!Ewwwwe……

  23. MrStatechampion4 says:

    @whocares9911 what spell check and when i paused at 6 it wasnt as good as 7

  24. whocares9911 says:

    @MrStatechampion4 no 6 seconds was right on idiot. and wow is that lame….i bet you pull the spell check card in these chat boxes too. please never post again

  25. IamKindness says:

    Damn… Thought this said Eric’s drunken Taco…

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