Rob Zombie – Feel So Numb

Music video by Rob Zombie performing Feel So Numb. (C) 2001 Geffen Records
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Rob Zombie – Feel So Numb

  1. YoungGame069 says:

    “I feel so good, I feel so numb. YEAH!”.

  2. haxbox7 says:

    too bad never had such a party in my life.

  3. anunasun says:

    @comets2 yeah grow up dude!

  4. gigantamos says:

    Dear blond headed girl at 1:10, I love you. Please marry me.

  5. Gabrol says:

    @IneverJustDie firefox+adblockplus

  6. roykepoep says:

    @x2b0y also works on google chrome

  7. utuberevlimitracing says:


  8. comets2 says:

    @justicedryden why because they are expressing there opinion??????? get a grip I like rob zombie better then the next guy but it’s a free country grow up man

  9. justicedryden says:

    108 people deserve some teeth knocked out

  10. grimapocalypse2 says:

    @bushbaumf that just means you had a spectacular time!

  11. XxRIVERxMANxX says:

    He kinda reminds me of Charles Manson… But more badass

  12. sembellos says:

    proof that having a fez will get you laid
    nuff said

  13. ProudHeretic666 says:

    metal chicks stupidly hot or fugly almost no middleground
    gotta love it

  14. glorinslatron1985 says:

    my favorite music

  15. ttrreewwqq7711 says:


  16. TheKaranzx says:

    flatout !! lol

  17. bushbaumf says:

    Ozzfest 2006 somewhere between stumbling in and getting thrown out (snuck back in by climbing a fence and sprinting back in) literally the only thing i remember from the 18hr concert and charging into the mosh pit as Rob Zombie was playing.. I woke up at the end with my shirt, cell phone and contact lenses missing..

  18. RebornLayneStaley says:

    Friday night- little drunk and a little stoned. Tonight feels like a Zombie night. Rock on

  19. jdsgiftshack says:

    Bottom feeders UNITE!! SO we can kill you all at ONCE!!! MUAAAHAHAHA!!!!!

  20. monstersgamingshow says:

    ROB ZOMBIE is truly one of the most creative creature ever created!!!!!!!!

  21. SjachKothar says:

    @spacemanisaac kind of like that, but with less symbolism, and more my penis in your vagina

  22. spacemanisaac says:

    “Sweet Black fucking Sabbath. If I wasn’t holding out for the beast of a woman Integra, I’d fuck the red right out of those eyes.”

  23. MusicIsLife297 says:

    Hey we just put up our channel so you should help us out if you have a few minutes and look at our videos!!! Thanks!! :D

  24. JoeySymphony says:

    WWE No Way Out 2002 theme song!

  25. IneverJustDie says:

    Tired of having my Klipsch speakers 75% of the way up, deafening frequency. And the ad pop’s up blaring, rambling on about nigger-shit or beiber. Either way now I have to convince my neighbors that I’m not a pedophile or a whigger.

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