Rico The Zombie: Exclusive footage from NIGHTLIFE.CA’s cover story shoot

For the cover of NIGHTLIFE.CA’s April issue shot by Raphaël Ouellet, we sat down with Rico the Zombie in a Montreal studio to get the lowdown on the most bizarre winter of his life. Videographer: SIMON GOSSELIN. Read our exclusive interview with Rico the Zombie: www.nightlife.ca View our exclusive behind the scenes photoshoot: www.nightlife.ca

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25 Responses to Rico The Zombie: Exclusive footage from NIGHTLIFE.CA’s cover story shoot

  1. ItsTheDairyQueen says:

    @mimz44 He’s not actually getting married to gaga. He was joking. He has a girlfriend.

  2. mimz44 says:

    @ItsTheDairyQueen I’m confused.

  3. tommyalmondofficial says:

    that boy is a monster

  4. MrDeezi says:

    hmm.. the bio harzard icon seems new.

  5. mutlib12 says:

    Hottest zombie ever !!

  6. KalafonMr says:

    he is so cute :))

  7. CharleneMachine says:

    his simply beautiful.

  8. ItsTheDairyQueen says:

    @mimz44 No? He has a girlfriend.

  9. mimz44 says:

    He’s getting married to GAGA?

  10. AmeKiyaru says:

    I would so turn gay for him.

  11. 14anabel says:

    He´s attractive…..

  12. CALgymnast625 says:

    i just found the song :)

    Montoire – Elephant Files

  13. kiky17111992 says:

    what is the song being its backsound ? please tell mee !! :(

  14. posharra says:

    108 people doesn’t even have a single tattoo..

  15. ARSONISTSarsonists says:

    perfect. omg.

  16. mcraddict19 says:

    @nicofernando1 shall i save u a seat???

  17. mcraddict19 says:

    @nicofernando1 shall i save u a seat???

  18. loversinner says:

    Hi!!! someone could help me find the song in the video????


    He’s adorable.

  20. goha182 says:


  21. mintxrepairs says:

    he’s so damn cute!

  22. flyyspit says:

    And you have to sit back and say to yourself…

    Why didnt I think of that…

    I wish you the best Mr .Genest …

  23. Luluchaification says:

    I really admire him! he expresses himself and don’t have afraid of stupid people and what they think or say :) such a great voice and a beautiful smile! he’s SO HOT!! love him ;)

  24. sharonii123 says:

    he looks so good!!

  25. evanisbored says:

    Did he say he getting married to lady GaGa at the end

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