Rick Genest/Skull Halloween Makeup

It’s October! October is my favorite month of the year and one big reason is because of Halloween. I love to practice scary Halloween looks and here is the first one of the month; a Rick Genest inspired skull look. Products used: Stila smudge pot – 24 kt Hard Candy eyeshadow – Licorice (I don’t think this is available anymore) Twitter: www.twitter.com/bisous_darling Tumblr: www.bisoubisoubangbang.tumblr.com Like it if you like it! Subscribe for more videos!

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4 Responses to Rick Genest/Skull Halloween Makeup

  1. bisousdarling says:

    @JerryChia yay! let me know how it all goes!

  2. JerryChia says:

    @bisousdarling im gonna do it! i got the stuff today imma practice for 3 weeks haha

  3. bisousdarling says:

    @JerryChia thank you! it’s actually pretty easy to do, you just have to be careful with your blending. i had a reference by me the whole time so that i could check to make sure i was doing it correctly!

  4. JerryChia says:

    i really want to be him for halloween but idk how to do how you did THIS AMAZING! i feel like im going to fail epicly lol but you did an amazing job on this! LOVE IT!

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