R.Lee Ermey speaks on tattoos in the Military

Badseed presents an interview between World Renowned tattoo artist Camtastic and well known Gunny Srgt. and TV Personality R. Lee Ermey. At a recent FMX show at Camp Pendleton Marine Base.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to R.Lee Ermey speaks on tattoos in the Military

  1. AaronSilkwood says:

    i got tats across all my knuckles and im in the air force, totally fine haha its in regs.

  2. TheBlake138 says:

    If I wanted the Marine Corps in my skin, Id shove a DI up my ass

  3. indyman12345LOL says:

    It breaks my heart to see him so calm…

  4. STHFGDBY says:

    I loved this guy in F.M.J It was a superb movie, he was brilliant in it.. Irish Fan.

  5. noahtstapp says:

    Tattos are good for the military just as long when you put on the uniform you can see them like face or hand tats because a pink flower hand tatto does not look well in dress blues.

  6. ww2guy100 says:

    God Bless Chesty Puller
    damn he was a MARINE URAHH SEMPER FI

  7. ww2guy100 says:

    Semper Fi

  8. shylildude says:

    tattoos are for pussies
    real men get brands

  9. charms71 says:

    Ho Chi Minh is a son of a bitch!

  10. scoobyblue726 says:


  11. usmcretired2112 says:

    The outlawing of tattos was about as dumb an order as I’ve ever seen, PERIOD. When I joined and served my 20, tattoos were almost a right of passage in the Corps.
    Semper FI
    Hap Smith Jr. 2112 (retired)

  12. vwellthen says:

    Sir I Understand Sir.

  13. DavetheDiabetic1 says:

    I dont know where but couldnt it be a problem if there was a culture in which tattoos where vulgar… then our servicemen could offend civilians of another nation which we were occupying.

  14. WhiskySeventyFour says:

    Eskimo pussy is just as warm as the rest of it. Get some!

  15. MetalGenocider says:

    dude when R Lee Ermey is talking you shut the fuck up and listen and stop fucking interupting every 5 seconds

  16. Javelin09 says:

    Holy shit, Ermey with a beard?! :O

  17. ElectricTN says:

    Why should anyone will to defend our nation be denied for a fucking tattoo anyway. I was peronaly denied entry to the US Marine Core for my tattoos back in 04! What the fuck does it matter?? It ludicrous! Same goes for job employment! Judge on work ethics and for anyone willing to dodge bullets and place themselfs in harms way being denied is bullshit! My tattoos are not offensive racist or anything of that nature either
    P.S>these goddamn “sobriety test” to post a comment is fucking horseshit!

  18. StereoDeth says:

    2:24 That’s not body art – that’s a “tramp stamp” on your daughter, Lee. lol

  19. Sergeant Hartman says:

    I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your Senior Drill Instructor. From now on you will speak only when spoken to, and the first and last words to come out of your filthy sewers will be Sir. Do you maggots understand that?

  20. Sergeant Hartman says:


  21. johnmichael125 says:

    Just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean I’m not a professional.

  22. tyrellt100 says:

    Hey please go check out my video I made to honor our troops ! Thanks

  23. CC25Y says:

    Drastically toned down since full metal jacket and jarhead

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