piercings, tatoos and body modifications

pictures of people
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25 Responses to piercings, tatoos and body modifications

  1. MrDeathkiller666 says:

    @dawn2daylightmadness then don’t look at them

  2. dawn2daylightmadness says:

    Some of these poeple just don’t understand how fvcked up they look with this sh*t. A few peircings are all right, but some of the pics of these peoples faces make me wanna throw up…

  3. 5K4T3R25 says:

    1:07 looks pretty cool, no shit.

  4. dridley11 says:

    :40 Don’t get me wrong. You can do what ever you want to your bodies. But this reminded me of Beavis and Butthead. No harm intended, just thought it was funny!

  5. zacklamb29 says:

    I’m just playin y’all are pretty fuckin gay

  6. zacklamb29 says:

    You guys need jesus

  7. WhySki11z says:

    What’s the point of donut implants? They don’t even look good. They look even retarded.

  8. TheCookiemonster0422 says:

    Thats messwd up

  9. mitchelldavis4L says:

    1:47 ooooooooooooo a new ches board

  10. MrDeathkiller666 says:

    @tasha18881 that’s called an eyeball tattoo and what they do is they inject ink into the eye with a needle

  11. tasha18881 says:

    how did the guy at 1:07 do that???? plz let me know im curious

  12. MrDeathkiller666 says:

    @PleaseCrySomeMore freaks are people too

  13. TuhbiLyy says:

    1:13 is fucking wtffff.

  14. MrDeathkiller666 says:

    @billyDkid1001 no they are all real

  15. ArsenalFC1019 says:

    Funny people

  16. MrDeathkiller666 says:

    @2gauge4life jambi by tool

  17. 2gauge4life says:

    what song is this?

  18. Siegfriedloin says:

    is there any word for describing the most terrible and disgusting thing ever….just bliax!!!

  19. 0710babicakes says:

    dis is disgusting! y would yu wana destroy ur body dis way!

  20. stingrey933 says:

    whats the name of the guy at 1:04 ?

  21. theSEVENFOLDisLIFE says:

    Can’t wait to get my tongue split

  22. TheNapalm69 says:

    0:42 ludzie są idiotami, ale nie wiedziałem że aż do takiego stopnia

  23. zuniga6412 says:

    Fucked up people.

  24. 666TECHNO666 says:

    0:39 thats disgusting

  25. cockmaster024 says:

    shit piece’s of shits

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