New! Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 | Zombies Weapon !?

Its been infront of our eyes with this leaked image for days now, and all i could think was.. this is a new Zombie weapon. Make sure you Subscribe for all the New Zombie Information that is realised, Zombies is coming back. And i cannot wait! If you cant! Be sure to Like the sh*t out of this video!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to New! Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 | Zombies Weapon !?

  1. TZLingard says:

    Maybe you START with a deagle instead of the colt pistol?

  2. gaitan44563241554 says:

    wtf is he saying…. dont speak gayanese lol jk =)

  3. AlphaShadow9118 says:

    Desert eagle to pack a punch a Savannah Hawk tht would be a kewl name

  4. FlawL3ssGamin says:

    IIIII Flawl3ssCraft IIIII * NO WHITELIST *
    Great friendly supportive staff 50+ plugins wheter it’s a fun mob fighting game like MobArena or simple region protection we’ve got you covered!

  5. kaaawakilla808 says:

    i hope

  6. Doubble jay says:

    All insane in the membrane

  7. sethnaruto1 says:

    Lol, I hope, they were epic in the first Black Ops Zombies

  8. NLstudHoldemLoHi says:

    PHD Flopper

  9. pokemonradar12 says:

    Are we going to have Richtofen.Demsey,Tankeo,and Nikoai

  10. BlackBridesForVeil says:

    Mustang and Sally Suck its not even good u will kill yourself with it

  11. pokenerfer says:

    its a prototype pistol called the kriss kard

  12. CastRios62 says:

    Zombies baby!

  13. Misukiy says:

    Mustang and salley are not to powerful! At round 50 IT TAKES 7 HITS. Infact ive been to 203 and its too week

  14. gokuss15 says:

    According to us gun geeks at IMFDB, those pistols are actually based off the brand new prototype (in real life) TDI Kard.

  15. Junfawa123 says:

    halo + battle field + trayark call of duty = black ops 2

  16. MCEFclan says:

    black ops 2 = rip off version of battle field 2142

  17. Lemonpiedude says:

    Mustang and Sally are to powerful

  18. NYCbrownman1 says:

    Black Ops 2=Battelfield 3 futurized

  19. 103peanut says:

    I also don’t know how to be the host or is it just random? If so that makes it worse cause people online can do anything unexpectedly and please also remove the glitch that some people do where the zombies keep running towards a wall without stopping. That glitch makes me mad cause it’s not even surviving when somebody does that glitch and the whole fun of it is to run and shoot and survive.

  20. willetheG says:

    imagine the future zombies. DAAEEEMMNNNNN

  21. timmytime2011 says:

    cool i just made 667,i didnt really ;)

  22. Werda1136 says:

    I hope so too!

  23. supersonic1102 says:

    hey u can trust me because i found a WORKING WAY TO mod castle crashers message me if u wants ta knooo how

  24. BatmanArkhamcity5 says:

    i love zombies

  25. XtremeGdog22 says:

    Lol 666 dislikes, the drvil!! Mwa hahahahahaaa!!!! Lol jk

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