MysteryBox – Real life Nazi Zombies!

Real Life Zombies FPS – A tribute to our all time favorite game! Mystery Box — Cast and Crew: Directed by Paul Norton Soldier – Robert Plazek Zombies – Jonathan Hadweh | Jacinta Santilli | Neil Solomano | Adam La Rosa Production Manager – Charah Jackson Make-up Artist – Stephen Girton Crew, VFX – Thomas Marley SFX, Armourer, VFX – Paul Norton Special thanks to Talbot Motor Wreckers and Neil Solomano And of course an extra special thanks to Activision/Treyarch for producing the game that inspired this video!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to MysteryBox – Real life Nazi Zombies!

  1. Ninjapug22 says:

    Gay mystery box But other wise it’s good

  2. specialpolice870 says:

    :O ;O :O :O :O :O :O best vid ever amazing

  3. kilcooley1 says:


  4. fazefan309 says:


  5. fazefan309 says:

    Finally some good shit made by adults without screwing around better than little kids who don’t take shit seriously :D

  6. supercarboy2 says:

    duude…thats sweet!!! truly the best zombies in real life video i have ever seen.

  7. skullpuzzle531 says:

    Awesome video nice effects thumbs up everybody!!! :)

  8. GDProduktions says:

    Worst. Zombie Map. Ever.

  9. FLWEEDFL says:

    That’s awesome! Love the effects! Only complaints: Points and round number (always round 1)

  10. stinset2 says:

    how the shit did he do that! 2:15

  11. atstairsoft says:

    Most realistic zombie movie ever better than freddiew in some points Iof view

  12. GIOVANNI94825 says:

    Wow best acting for the zombies

  13. kphils17 says:

    69 :)

  14. TOXICNUGGET1 says:

    that was fucking epic

  15. lakerbballer2412 says:

    damn.. round one was long

  16. swim nut says:

    funny ur carbine wuz a m1 grand

  17. norrisgage says:

    How long is round 1

  18. danny Velazquez says:

    u didnt get the secret tape

  19. dedukos says:

    wow nice job ! funny video

  20. fazefan309 says:


  21. TheCanadianbrothers says:

    1:00 M1a1 carbine know your guns thats the M1 Garand

  22. 112Msbigbo says:

    you just stay in 1 round:D

  23. MrTrollface1100 says:

    i wouldnt take the magnum ¬_¬

  24. EMPrivateRyan says:

    Finally, a good nazi zombies video actually made by adults :) all the kids can fuck off

  25. CURSED608 says:

    2:29 YOU DONT SAY!?

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