My First TATTOO – Ink from South Beach Miami

WATCH THIS VIDEO IN TRUE HD: If you’re ever in South Beach, Miami, Florida and you want a tattoo… check out Salvation Tattoo Lounge! I can’t help but spread the love! : ) SEE MY LIFE BEFORE IT HITS VIDEO:

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25 Responses to My First TATTOO – Ink from South Beach Miami

  1. American1Pride says:

    @darklion53 ah cool, I have 4 tattoos right now, idk if I wanna get an Army tattoo though

  2. darklion53 says:

    @American1Pride I got the banner of the U.S. Army flag on my right arm.

  3. klownkllr says:


  4. jacktheripper0194 says:

    @christencs I got one on my arm… It feels like someone is pulling hair off your body over and over, and don’t be scared :P it is pretty easy once like 10 minutes pass and the skin goes numb

  5. christencs says:

    @allaboutmoi im getting my first this coming saturday and its gonna b on my ribs too..everyone looks at me crazy when i say im gettin it there..u wrote that 2 weeks ago did u get it yet and how was it? should i be scared lol

  6. American1Pride says:

    @darklion53 what kinda army tattoo? I’m in the army to. Just curious to what you’re gonna be getting.

  7. halo3godful says:

    thumbs up if your watching in 2011

  8. jekylei99 says:

    @ClassiCLAIRE01 I don’t think it was bleeding. I think it was just the spray the guy put on it. But maybe it was bleeding.

  9. Eviljackman says:

    Creep by STP is playing in the background at near the end of the video,

  10. badgirl677 says:

    It the tattoo doesn’t bleed then you will be REALLY sore afterwards

  11. TylerWarrenVideo says:

    @allaboutmoi I got ab ig one on my ribs. And im skinny as fuck. Just get high before or bring pain killers. Or just endure it hahah

  12. ClassiCLAIRE01 says:

    Did it bleed?

  13. allaboutmoi says:

    damn i’m getting my first tattoo on my ribs
    they say it’s one of the position that hurts the most
    and if it’s already hurting that much when it’s just on the arm….

    god help me

  14. dood754 says:

    i just got my first tattoo, and i felt the same way when they started it didnt hurt at all

  15. Sibleeful says:

    WOA! i wanna see more of your shoulder! it looks awesome! (i find things that are a bit messed up really interesting xD)

  16. The123JeffHardy says:

    HAHAHAHA hold 3

  17. The123JeffHardy says:

    @sullinsmarvin Do They hurt in your experience?

  18. nomnzlnd says:

    ending couldnt be any mory corny

  19. HatashiHinata says:

    3:33 Aaaand you’re bleeding…..

  20. sullinsmarvin says:

    tattoos are very addictive i have 9 of them and plan to get more

  21. RainingSushi says:

    behind the arm hurts! well so i’ve heard lol. my tattoo’s are a sign of respect. good to know the story behind your tattoo. much respect. im only 16 but i am smart when it comes to tattoo’s.

  22. Itsk0de says:

    I’m 15 and im getting the sublime sun on my uper back im scared :P
    is it that bad?

  23. 1992pattrow says:

    That is why my tattoos are not visable to public view unless I want them to be. And yes they hurt but not much, then again I have a very high pain tolorance.

  24. BibleBlonde says:

    @1992pattrow The two reasons I won’t get tattoos:
    1. As cool as they look, They dont just come off like fake ones, and they look pretty ugly after a while (JMO)
    2. Jeez! They hurt don’t they??

  25. rosaca1996 says:

    your a fag

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