Minecraft Plants vs Zombies

Playable Zombie game. Defend your home from the Zompocalypse! NO MODS (Now works in MC1.0) Features: Auto firing flowers Land mines House damage detection Gold rewards and Purchase system Huge Sunflower!! DOWNLOAD HERE: www.planetminecraft.com FEEDBACK AND QUESTIONS HERE: www.minecraftforum.net Instructions: Play in Easy mode Purchase flowers with gold by dropping gold in each feeding well. This will active the flower for 5mins. Game is over when your house health reaches zero TEXTURE PACK LINK: www.planetminecraft.com Music: Stringed Disco by Kevin MacLeod My Blog: ocddisco.tumblr.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com

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25 Responses to Minecraft Plants vs Zombies

  1. fabyoguimaraes says:

    Queria entender como o pessoal gosta de um jogo tao mal feito

  2. MvYTx says:


    Here it is!

  3. ToJaPolak1000 says:

    very good my from poland :D

  4. ReeezyN says:

    Guys!! join diamondcraft!! piggywiggyjig told you this :)

  5. LgimenOwner says:


  6. MrJoe1928 says:

    Hi, i just started making let’s play with my friends and im going to upload them 1 day at at a time. i just want people to look at my videos and give me feed back on how i can make them better and suggestions for other videos. thanks – MrJoe1928

  7. tAiKaMiEs22 says:

    no, its Minecraft. You spelled it wrong :D

  8. Bellaabzug22 says:

    This was just another one of those things that I saw and was like “I have to make that.”

  9. TheVeNDeTa2010 says:

    This can get addicting o_o

  10. meeptron1 says:

    then he would make a drop or cylce sestm

  11. RobloxCheats1 says:

    on the beginning where they spawn put dispensers with zombie eggs and you have to play on hard so when they spawn they have to destroy wooden doors and when they pass there free so forever lasting waves

  12. TheAmanda371 says:

    Then When It Falls To The Water Only Like 1 Zombie Would Be Caught

  13. meeptron1 says:

    mabey at the end of the water there would be a minecart

  14. TheAmanda371 says:

    There’s Water,Would Zombies Just Walk On Water & Get Caught By a Minecart in Water,It’s Spelled Potions By The Way & That Potion Would Be Healing,But Then The Dispensers Should Shoot Out Both Gold & Potions,That Would Be Confusing

  15. James Daluz says:


  16. Togwir says:

    disco is my god

  17. TrumpetGuy360 says:

    or use arrows

  18. meeptron1 says:

    Good Point but Poshins would work and so would the minecarts

  19. TheObelix876 says:

    Epic new server with arguably the best spawn ever created in hu man history, join us and come see up time of over 99 % and hardcore survival.

  20. anapaulaii says:

    disco is a redstone god

  21. TheAmanda371 says:

    Dude,Almost Everything There is Flammable

  22. patrickthomas1998 says:

    yes he is :)

  23. secthay says:

    disco will see anyway

  24. awsomenoob889 says:

    Wtf is this

  25. flynn mason says:

    wher is the link?

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