Simple tips to creating Fantastic, realistic fake tattoos with nothing but crayola markers. Comedy.

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  1. Cancer6667 says:

    @chelsea6654 Maybe becuz he knows that when he gets older it will look like shit?

  2. yvonneost12 says:

    people pay you ????????? to do that shoot i’m in the wrong business LOL..

  3. mnkyboy121 says:

    he taught us more science then making a tattoo XD

  4. 1DOLSEN says:

    He’s so ate up with hiself! Talk about an EGO!!!!!!! How good I am=10 times. Anatomy less=8 times. You’ll look stupid=twice. Bite me~!!!!!

  5. 12898warrior says:

    1:20 ahaha

  6. BBoxMichael says:


  7. bral777 says:

    you’re cute lolz i want this technique for a photo session. hopefully i’ll get it right. what kind of marker is it … oh nvm. crayola markers.

  8. tanner511 says:

    @chelsea6654 maybe hes not 18

  9. allicefallsdown says:

    haha he is too pssy to get a real tat!

  10. number3665 says:

    @TheRagingxChimo lmao dude how do you know he’s old enough haha i went to his profile hes 13 XD he cant get a real tattoo just let him make his fake tats and dream

  11. MrRyno42 says:

    dude hes like a scientsit theres the tissue or uhh…….thats your sinus hahah

  12. MrRyno42 says:

    @Twitch0rz dude i totaly did not know that!!! hahah he thinks that we were born yesterday

  13. keribery1235 says:

    you know how to write japanese?!
    no fair!

  14. keribery1235 says:

    shes probably not old enough numbwad!

  15. gonzales720 says:

    fuckin geek

  16. TheRagingxChimo says:

    @777Kiana your such fkn nerd haha go get a real tattoo fagot

  17. 777Kiana says:

    Nice.. I actually did this several times, was sooo much fun.. I mean, before I started watching these.. I took a permanent, black-ink-ballpoint pen/marker, and I wrote Japanese alllll up my left forearm.. like, top, bottom, sidez… xD… was kewl.. just bought fake tattoos- the ones in packs? But I’ma do this again.. my own designs.. if I was good enough at drawing, I’d draw final fantasy characters on myself!! xD

  18. Twitch0rz says:

    LOL! “human skulls have two eyes”! XD

  19. EmoSceneHippy says:

    Of course you can!

  20. nntrebing says:

    whoa dejavu! lol idk
    anyway your awesome at this you made a tattoo under 5 mins!

  21. holymotheroflambs says:


  22. lakeisha2095 says:

    HAHAHAHAH i knew this was gonna be bs cuz i saw your other video about piercing your ears with no pain

  23. bowelmouvment says:

    LMAO, your a dick…

  24. 61605pi says:

    How Long Can It Stay On You!!!???!!!?? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!!

  25. 61605pi says:

    Can It Stay On You?????

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