Lydia the Tattooed Lady

Groucho sings his signature song, “Lydia the Tattooed Lady,” in At the Circus
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Lydia the Tattooed Lady

  1. Gigrantula58 says:

    @8anaban That explains his three wives…

  2. wojogamer says:


  3. TJakaTrace says:

    my grandpa used sing this haha :’)

  4. lydiamae123 says:

    Yikes! :-P

  5. FriendlyCroock says:

    calm down liberal idiot no one hates gays

  6. 8anaban says:

    @atticusdogsbody I do, I like him

  7. drafe007 says:

    @AGirlNamedLydia oh! that hurt my sides! very humorous!!

  8. drafe007 says:

    oh, libya,oh, libya, the queen of of them all!

  9. atticusdogsbody says:

    @8anaban Who cares?!

  10. 8anaban says:

    he was gay !!

  11. wc4dblues says:

    what can you say, it’s stood the test of time. One of THE GREATEST.

  12. riderzane says:

    Good Video

  13. Holiday061798 says:

    It feels so weird to hear your name in a song. :)

  14. alforno96 says:

    I’ve meet Lydia, she’s hot and tattooed. M

  15. 0Lidi0 says:

    My name is Lydia, but I’ve never met another Lydia…

  16. doctorschlock says:

    One of the many song lyrics stolen from the Library of Congress.

  17. LouisLambert says:

    @emilejr88 :trollface:

  18. pantsghost says:

    @sluberparty101 derp

  19. candycian says:

    I’m getting my friend Lydia tattooed so I can sing this.

    But this is actually THE lamest thing I’ve ever heard in my life XD Family Guy will probably parody it

  20. sluberparty101 says:

    my name is lydia and i dont got any tattooes

  21. sluberparty101 says:

    my name ias lydia and i dont got any tattooes

  22. dimiballas says:

    @GhostGalDennie And it’s such a wonderful name…

  23. dimiballas says:

    @hydreigon1608 Lucky you!!

  24. sfd210 says:

    My sister’s name is Lydia but she doesn’t have any tattooes.

  25. 3NinJas3 says:

    30 people haven’t met Lydia

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