Lady Zombie Gets Ribcage Tattooed (7.26.10) Part 2

Videographer: Lorelei. Tattoo Artist: X. Screaming Victim: Lady Zombie. Morale Raiser: Ali Fangsmith.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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7 Responses to Lady Zombie Gets Ribcage Tattooed (7.26.10) Part 2

  1. LadyZombie666 says:

    @InsanityMew I rather think of it (in this case) as a rite of passage. LOL.

  2. InsanityMew says:

    Pain Is Pleasure Lady Z <3 :3 lol *never forget that* but love the tat :D

  3. DsRxx673 says:


  4. LadyZombie666 says:

    Thanks hon – it was a hell of an experience!

  5. TheRedJester86 says:

    looks good sis ^_^

  6. LadyZombie666 says:

    @caramelous – LOL! Thank you.

  7. caramelous says:

    zombie your pain looks erotic, hehehehehe!

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