LADY GAGA – Scheiße (MUGLER GAGA Project) – Rick Genest

LADY GAGA – Scheiße – Promo Music Video (Mugler Gaga Project) feat. Rick (Rico) Genest AKA “Zombie Boy” (THIS VIDEO IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN 3D…PLEASE VIEW AND ADJUST WHAT KIND OF 3D GLASSES YOU ARE USING and ADJUST YOUR SETTINGS) Posted : October 20, 2011 © 2011 Streamline / Interscope Agatha Vincent Studios / AV STUDIOS / GAGAFANMONSTER THANKS FRIENDS – Please Subscribe? aggy
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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12 Responses to LADY GAGA – Scheiße (MUGLER GAGA Project) – Rick Genest

  1. Djidjityyy1 says:

    that should be the official video! like if u agree

  2. TheJustineBell says:

    @AGATHAVlNCENT XD Nice one! ;D

  3. AGATHAVlNCENT says:

    @HeavyMetalGagaTV thank you hun… I use Vegas Pro 9, wmm, photohop, and adobe after affects….

  4. HeavyMetalGagaTV says:

    LOVE IT! What do you use to edit your vids?

  5. AGATHAVlNCENT says:

    @TheJustineBell Oh gosh he so is..i enjoyed this one a lot. LOL :)

  6. TheJustineBell says:

    Gosh Rick is so sexy! ;D

  7. AGATHAVlNCENT says:

    @suzieUK2020 hahaha…me too…both for Gaga and Zombie Boy

  8. suzieUK2020 says:

    luv it… makes me wet

  9. AGATHAVlNCENT says:

    @cakeableamber Thank you very very much friend. I was so excited to get it done. Only took me 6 days though. LOL -aggy

  10. cakeableamber says:

    This is amazing and great! Love it!

  11. AGATHAVlNCENT says:

    @BORNTHlSWAY thanx friend. I have been waiting for this.

  12. BORNTHlSWAY says:

    this has got 2b the best video for the scheibe song Outstanding bud

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