Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ Music Video / Rick Genest Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Makeup inspired by Lady Gaga and Rick Genest in the ‘Born This Way’ music video. Links: Tumblr: Twitter Beautylish: VYou: Tags: “Lady Gaga” “Born This Way” “Music Video” Rick Genest Zombie Boy Stage Theater Theatre Costume Makeup Make-up Make Up Tutorial Cosmetics Beauty How-to Fancy Dress Halloween Skull Emma Pickles EuphoricCreation euphoric-feeling
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ Music Video / Rick Genest Inspired Makeup Tutorial

  1. nAyNcAT13 says:

    That looks hella sick!!! I love this this well perfect for holloween or a party that is themed like that -3

  2. EagleBlue4299 says:

    It will look cool and scary if u do it on yr neck too.Who agree wif me !! PAW UP GAGA GREATEST FANS

  3. InBetweenDreams32 says:

    amazing! you must have unlimited patience!!

  4. BlueBlaBle says:

    The teeth are amazing! good job!

  5. ItsJustJasmine says:

    My god you are amazingggggggggggggg.. you’re gonna be huge on youtube like really soon lol

  6. TheJessfaceification says:


  7. nanabanana87 says:

    you are awesome ! i love your make up.. how can i fix the white colour ? i think that after one or two hours the make up will fade..

  8. EuphoricCreation says:

    @onlyKle A large shading brush. It’s the equivalent of a MAC 227.

  9. onlyKle says:

    What brush did you use at 4:32?

  10. Heidi8Boo says:

    wow such talent!:D

  11. SssweetyJo says:

    Also GREAT:D!

  12. MetalRaider85 says:

    WOW im gona say just WOW

  13. 5910Aileen says:

    @EuphoricCreation lol i realized when i read the title properly =.= yea i saw that and it is amazing! :D i watched it after i searched him up on google :D

  14. EuphoricCreation says:

    @5910Aileen I did know this! He’s very interesting. I used him as inspiration for an art project I did. You should watch the Dermablend ad with him in, it’s amazing!

  15. EuphoricCreation says:

    @MitsuHakura Hmm. It depends. If you’re tying your hair up then I’d still black them out, but cover your ears with your hair and tie it in a low pony. If you’re leaving your hair down, it will cover your ears anyway, so it should be fine to leave them! :)

  16. TheMarialicht says:

    Wooow cool. :3

  17. MitsuHakura says:

    Will the effect of the black around the ears be as good if you have lighter colored hair? Out of curiosity…

  18. xdizzyxbunnyx08 says:

    Aww this is amazing I just watched all your vids and all of them are wicked so far I will defo be watch out for more from you =) keep it up chick x

  19. 5910Aileen says:

    hey did u know that the guy that had this makeup wasnt wearing makeup? he actually tattooed his WHOLE body into a zombie search him on youtube his name is ” Ricky the zombie” :D plz reply to the comment!!!

  20. MsZagrebcanka says:


  21. SophiaCastilloG says:

    Esta padrisimoooo!! Que talentooooo!!

  22. FoofyBuurman says:

    Facking amazing!

  23. 512AliN says:


  24. sammmyclaire says:

    This is amazingg! It mustve taken so long to wash off tho xD

  25. rororyfi says:

    this is freaking amazing

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