KIRBY KRACKLE “Zombie Apocalypse” Official Music Video Animated

Our brand-new Zombie Fail Whale t-shirt is now available to order! This is the official video for ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE by nerd rock band Kirby Krackle from their self-titled debut album. More info on KK can be found at Animation by Damon O’Keefe (http & Daisy Church ( Kirby Krackle albums are available at – iTunes: – AmazonMP3: – and more (Zune, CDBaby, etc…) Lyrics: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE I’m walking in the mini mart there’s food on the floor There’s carts everywhere, there’s blood on the door I just want to buy some snacks and get back home But these ghouls are trying to eat my bones When I finally get home I turn on the TV The undead on the evening news is all I can see So I pop in a movie and I try to relax Listen to me while I tell you some facts Fact The Zombie Apocalypse is messing up my week The internet is always done, can’t update the Twitter stream The Zombie Apocalypse, it wouldn’t be so bad If these zombies hadn’t bitten my mom & dad I decapitated them and now they’re buried in back I called my friend to see if he could come by my place By the time he reached my door he was missing his face I feel kind of bad that I did not let him in But without his lips he still had a grin The Zombie Apocalypse is messing up my week It’s hard to watch the Daily Show over all the cries and screams Zombie Apocalypse, I’d rather fight a shark I read in a book that you can punch
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to KIRBY KRACKLE “Zombie Apocalypse” Official Music Video Animated

  1. XieYume says:


  2. snoopyandgames says:

    I like these a lot and I am make a zombie video it is going to be cool

  3. in3rworld says:


  4. scrubn solo says:

    I really want a zombie apocalypse so then I can assassinate zombie and look like the nice guy!

  5. scrubn solo says:

    Who else believes Zombies are going to take over I do

  6. 1scott921 says:

    I really like zombie movies and shit but no dude, that would be just wrong, imagine that your sister and your mother are getting eaten in front of you, imagine that pain when zombie’s teath are tearing your flash etc. The real apocalypse wouldn’t be about “zombie ass wooping”, that would be about surviving on the edge, IF u make it there, it’s more like that u (like 95% of us) will be infected and eaten in the begining of the outbreak

  7. rrrzombie says:

    poor guy

  8. marah443 says:


  9. theCicimonster says:


  10. nathan1754 says:


  11. nathan1754 says:

    wierdly it would be fun

  12. boredgirl339 says:

    i thought the hula girl was gonna bite him

  13. Vagina86523 says:

    LOL WTF is this made by the guy who made milkman video? David FIrth?

  14. MiserableImmortality says:

    Admit it, we all want a zombie apocalypse.

  15. TRX400atc1994 says:

    0:47 Hot Fuzz haha

  16. brandeisfunk says:

    If I’m not mistaken there’s a zombie stan lee and a zombie jack kirby near the end there. good stuff.

  17. joshmarsh1 says:

    2:42 zombie to the left george a romaro?

  18. Vermilion4sic says:

    2:21 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  19. XxxMewXxxRanae says:

    i dont blame the guy i would be mad if the zombies messed up my week

  20. MrCronicus says:

    Cool song but the god damn lute makes me want to curb stomp people I hate it so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Brinkisawsome says:

    any one notice this song is about a guy who survives the zombies and goes crazy before the army nikes the city

  22. Kimbie99 says:

    omgg so do i

  23. CreepingBoNE says:

    0:11 I was waiting for a zombie to bust through the wall.

  24. doodyloBoy1996 says:

    if during zombie Apocalypse , i want to kill them all!!!!

  25. PenguinRecordings says:

    I’ve never felt so at peace whilst imagining a zombie apocalypse.

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