Kelly’s Tatoo’s And Piercings

A brief video explaining what the symbols of the tatoo represent. I don’t have a long explanation for this one because the title pretty much says it all. Hope y’all LOVE IT:)

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25 Responses to Kelly’s Tatoo’s And Piercings

  1. frs250 says:

    think she as had a tattoo on her shoulder recently. Check “Kelly clarkson munich tattoo” don”t think she wears nose stud anymore which is shame as thought it looked cool on her

  2. duongnt1412 says:

    Doesn’t she have one on the back of her right hand as well? Watch Already Gone video you should be able to spot it..

  3. ilovejohncena2532 says:

    Yeah there’s other videos of her explaining her new tattoos . She has puzzle piece on her shoulder and she said that she has a story behind that . Then she has a heart/ kite on her left wrist then one her right wrist beside her cross she has love them more bc her dad used to say that .

  4. actinggirl23 says:

    does she have more tatoos nows

  5. messagepa says:

    Lol what type of people get tattos and piercings you make it sound like we are diseased!

  6. tiger4thewin says:

    omg i nvr knew kelly was these type of tattoo piercing ppl, she doesn’t look like those type of ppl tho

  7. kcloverkc says:

    i can only get it to 8 ?
    but i know she has 9, but where is the last one?
    she got 3 new on her hands, but where did she get the last one?

  8. mck718 says:

    she has nine tats now…

  9. kellykellyclarkson says:

    love the vid!! :]

  10. noookzzz says:

    woohoo! she’s a rock chick xD

  11. xEBtje says:

    i like the texas tattoo. ;D

  12. 2605sille says:

    guys we have to show Kelly how much we love her and her Dorkalicious, and show that we support her new album “All I Ever Wanted”, aaand that she can see that she has way more fans than she actually think she has, so go subscribe her ! her account is: kellyclarkson !

  13. FiestaTexas01 says:

    and now she has her clover and a moon behind her other ear.
    She is addicted, lol.

  14. angel0634 says:

    Haha that’s clever
    I want a tattoo but im terrified of needles

  15. angel0634 says:

    aww i love her snowflake

  16. ashleigh980 says:

    how could she

  17. tanoush96 says:

    i looveeee kellyyy n all her peircings and tattoooss look awesome :D:D

  18. anakellyaclarkson says:

    and now she has the heart!
    and also the top of her ear :D


  19. aMAZAZiNgxTHiNg says:

    yayyy (:

  20. aMAZAZiNgxTHiNg says:

    i never knew about the texas one?

  21. lovelybabymay says:

    Kelly got another one!!!!
    It’s a heart on her wrist… =)

  22. kcfan2011 says:

    She got the snowflake last year as a representation of her my december album.

  23. harliestewart says:

    i did not know she got a snowflake when did she get this one??

  24. Pinkin1211 says:

    haha, I didnt know she did a video for trouble with love…

  25. avoglerprods says:

    my friend got one there, i went with her, the pain killed her! its a really sensitive area.

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