KD Responds: Kevin Durant on the meaning of his tattoos and loyalty to OKC

Kevin Durant takes a few minutes to address some recent controversies and shows us the meaning behind his new tattoos. More Kevin Durant at KevinDurant35.com
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25 Responses to KD Responds: Kevin Durant on the meaning of his tattoos and loyalty to OKC

  1. eazyisagod says:

    KD just do you man. you aren’t perfect..none of us are but you sure as hell are a person we love to watch whether we are from oklahoma or texas. much respect from LA

  2. tulsapete says:

    Thanks, KD. As long as you don’t talk trash about OSU, the OU trash talk is fine with me! Much love man. You and the Thunder have renewed my love for basketball

  3. alfro0925 says:

    Myyyyyyy Niggguhhhhh (Nate Robinson/Denzel voice)

  4. 7upp94 says:

    @seahawks0851 yea thats also wat lebron said!

  5. Jmg580Amr says:

    @usedgoldfish shutup faggot

  6. usedgoldfish says:

    @Jmg580Amr Because Oklahoma takes college football extremely serious cause for so many years that the only thing we had. Now i love KD he is a great role model and an all around good person and i hope he never leaves OKC. But I can see where it would piss people off. and maybe he doesn’t understand how big of deal it is here. Cause in texas they have so many teams in so many sports and fans are as hardcore about one team year in year out, they just follow the good team that year.

  7. AlessandraDeRossi says:


  8. NOjkNObull says:

    @breezyd07 DC Maryland Virginia …..the DCmetro area…

  9. mykokkburnz says:

    Kevin durant, you will win a ring next season!

  10. wiind24 says:

    KD keeping it 100!

  11. HotboxDaNympho says:

    35 videos uploaded, legoo


  12. Soonerule says:

    One Oklahoman’s response: Texas? so what, what you gonna do? turn your back on your school? The Bulls Hat? so what, it looked good with the shirt…. The Tatoos? your mom won’t let you get any on your arms? lol, any more questions about what kind of person your are? NOT Your Loyalty to OKC? never any doubt from me KD, just don’t hold your breath waiting on me to sport any burnt orange…

  13. JadaDurant says:

    I absolutely LOVE the video (:

  14. adnannasser96 says:

    Didn’t know he had all theese tattoos.Cool.

  15. bballsuppastar21 says:

    and i am a Kevin Durant fan for live. GO TEXAS!!!!!

  16. AalsperZ says:

    @breezyd07 short for District of Columbia+Maryland+Virginia, its where he grew up

  17. triggamanful says:

    he needs 2 hit the gym cuz gym + his skills …. DAMN!

  18. breezyd07 says:

    Does anyone know what he talks about when he’s talking about DMV? They always say it on twitter. IDK what it means. mkay. tootles.lol

  19. thekidai23 says:

    Where he get the ink done? That shit right!

  20. jerichoawlday says:

    DMV Durant

  21. dreamcatchertwice says:

    big respect for you KD

  22. ChrisRoblesSR says:

    U do u fam! Ur body is urs and ur loyalty should never b questioned!

  23. Jmg580Amr says:

    dude shouldnt have to respond he can wear what he wants and who cares about the ou texas thing he plays pro basketball fuck everyone who hates

  24. Limetree222 says:

    35 videos!

  25. CyleMoore says:

    I don’t think you had to put this out, but whatever you needed to do to shut up those fake fans out there. Just keep on doing what you are doing and don’t change for anyone.

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