Kat Von D Talks Tattoos

The famous tattoo artist discusses her favorite tattoos, inking Lady Gaga, as well as how she became a world record holder.

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25 Responses to Kat Von D Talks Tattoos

  1. poptart087 says:

    @Lonewolf15100 me fuckin too

  2. liimepva says:

    she has SO beautiuful teeth…amazing…

  3. steelfury455 says:

    sure those tats look ok NOW. but wait a few years and oh man…

  4. Lonewolf15100 says:

    I am so tired of that damned cox commersicial.

  5. crystarrrr says:

    That old english style J can now stand for Jesse James, maybe it was always meant for Jesse James she just didn’t know it yet, she was with the wrong James at the time

  6. ATLjade1 says:

    Foxy Lady :D

  7. atfatw says:

    @XxGiggleFlossxX good for you girl! you’ve got your first period. you rule!!!!!!!!! keep track of your bleeding days and maybe you and kat von D can have a menstrual derby! to see who gets her first and how soon its over and how much is produced. maybe, if you win kat von give you a tatoo of your mother on your derriere

  8. XxGiggleFlossxX says:

    @atfatw Just thought I should let you know the menstrual pains are starting. You seem to really interested by them

  9. Roacheater says:

    Monkey see is Monkey Do. Bunch a cattle gettin branded these days. It’s been done to death

  10. KoRnescence93 says:

    @atfatw I haven’t even drank in like a year either dude…by the way, I hate punk music, If I was such a mommas boy then why would I want to move out? Leprachauns are not real. I know you retarded americans think they are but they’re not. Drooling? Maybe I just appreciate the art of individuality and beauty, I hate to use such a stupid term here but you are a complete conformist with no imagination…in terms of brains, I have TWO learning disabilities and I’m STILL smarter than you. Clearly.

  11. atfatw says:

    @KoRnescence93 twat! I did not realize that you are a punky whiteass little teenage zero. you really suck momma’s boy! I’ve better things to do with my time than to talk with immature teenage punky sissyboys especially if they are irish bean headed drunks thats your future punky ass nappy headed leprechaun
    who drools all over dykes like kat von D you have no class, no brains, and no future! ‘bye you loser shyte!!!!!!

  12. KoRnescence93 says:

    @atfatw :L dude, you’re fuckin hilarious! so I live in Ireland…therefore I’m english? yeah…that makes sense :L and for your information…I’m not a failure. and even if I was, at least I’m not a douche like you :L You assume the worst in a complete stranger, I proved you wrong on almost all counts. and in a few years, I’m going to be doing well for myself. while you’re still on the internet looking for attention from fans of Kat Von D. I’ll have friends and family. you’ll be here. pathetic!

  13. atfatw says:

    @KoRnescence93 I feel so sorry for you living in ireland! you be an english wicklow shyte!!!!!! haha you work hard do you? LOL! yeah, mcdonalds! thats where you work englisher you still living at home with mummy rent free sissyboy you will never be an man just a punky teenage boy-o still living with elderly mum at 70! hahahahahahhahahahhahah!!!!!!!!!! you not fit enough to carry kat von dee’s jockstrap

  14. KoRnescence93 says:

    @atfatw haha you’re a fuckin moron :L I don’t even live in America, dumbass. Professional Moron? You seriously think I get paid to be stupid? that would be a job more suited to someone of your stature. Dead broke? fair enough, I ain’t rich but I’m in school working my ass off to one day support myself and a family. and I’ve never smoked a cigarette. ever. So why don’t YOU tell me how all that feels? you may think you’re the shit. but I’m better than you. in every way possible. seriously.

  15. VvVGuitar says:

    That is the most beautiful handwriting i have ever seen.

  16. atfatw says:

    @KoRnescence93 haha you can’t see how butch she is YOU are gay! and your probably from minnesota
    its well known to everyone that they don’t like women up there or fun either. hohoho sorry but I have much better things to do than argue with professional morons. how does it feel to wake up every morning dead broke and be a 12 pack a day smoker.

  17. KoRnescence93 says:

    @atfatw dude…did I read that right? did you just call Kat Von D ugly? and even worse for that manner a bimbo? are you gay? this isn’t even me trying to argue with you. are you sexually confused or just…weird?

  18. KoRnescence93 says:

    @nivenheim :L dude I dunno who you are but I love you :D

  19. nivenheim says:

    @atfatw That almost made sense.

  20. atfatw says:


  21. KoRnescence93 says:

    @XxGiggleFlossxX don’t have too ;)

  22. XxGiggleFlossxX says:

    @KoRnescence93 ooft. imagine ;D :L

  23. KoRnescence93 says:

    @MrSlipknotfella I thought Janices last comment to you said Sexy drummer guy naked Ryan :L

  24. MrSlipknotfella says:


  25. KoRnescence93 says:

    @XxGiggleFlossxX yeah its a funny coincidence :P this atfatw guy is pretty fuckin stupid eh? :L

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