Justin Bieber Shows Off New Tattoos: Real or Fake?

More Justin Bieber Hawaii Photos – bit.ly Facebook.com – Become a Fan! Twitter.com – Follow Us! We’ve got some photos of Justin Bieber in Hawaii… and it’s looking like there’s some new ink on his body. The story, up next. Hey hey! How’s it going? Dana Ward here in Hollywood and today we’ve got an update on the Justin Bieber tattoo situation. Well, a lot of Beliebers out there care to know if they’re real or if they’re fake, so we grabbed recent photos of Justin on the beaches of Hawaii — you know where he’s vacationing with his girlfriend Selena Gomez — and took a closer look. Of course, that seagull tattoo on his lower abs goes back to over a year ago – remember that the artist said it’s real and that a bunch of JB family members have it — so that one is seeming pretty real. But the new stuff in question is on his torso, just under his left arm. According to reports, this artwork says “Jesus” in Hebrew… and remember he was visiting in Israel not too long ago, so perhaps Justin got inspired. Plus, people, an ace of spades card appeared on his arm as did a star.To add to the story, he apparently tweeted out asking is it henna or tattoo — but that tweet disappeared from the internet quickly after, and based on fan response to the photos, the general consensus is that the new body art will also follow suit and disappear very soon. So do you think this new artwork on JB’s body is real or fake? Check out the photos by clicking on the link below and be sure to also
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25 Responses to Justin Bieber Shows Off New Tattoos: Real or Fake?

  1. dwillkeithurban says:

    @swiftlautnerlover1 Jealous?

  2. MrsJustinBeibs says:

    It’s not like anyone cares

  3. swiftlautnerlover1 says:

    Selena looks like a slut in her bikini. Just sayin

  4. deeaz323 says:

    you’re excused.
    its in hebrew thats fucking JEWISH! i dont care fuck those damn JEWS
    burn in hell..or the oven ghahahaha

  5. Allieson126 says:

    But he’s not Jewish…why is his tattoo in Hebrew??

  6. pen817 says:

    gayest looking tattoo ever..boy get better ones

  7. CKridin4life says:

    @ZeldaGurl123 I wasn’t complaining or denouncing anyone’s reliligion, It is just my opinion that it can offend people, and that he shouldn’t blindly get tattoos that can cause emotional damage to others.

  8. ZeldaGurl123 says:

    @CKridin4life ok, i don’t like him, but he can do what he wants. if he wants to declare how much he loves Jesus, then he can go right ahead! it’s not a sin, i am sure his fans are perfectly fine with his faith.

  9. thelafingpups says:

    If the 3 tats are hennas then well ill respect him again but if there not well cant do anything about thqt its his body and its his life

  10. MultiBobby123456789 says:

    @ilovejoejonas167 He has a real tattoo

  11. The5TalkingMen says:

    Justin Bieber is a faggot!!!

  12. musicbelieber123 says:

    @ilovejoejonas167 really? cause even if those ones are fake.. he has a real one that he had for over a year that he even admitted

  13. CKridin4life says:

    That little prick justin bieber can blow it out his ass, he has no fucking idea of how much shit and antisemitism he can cause by that hebrew tattoo that says jesus, fuck you!

  14. ilovejoejonas167 says:

    he doesnt have nerve to get a real tattoo..

  15. summerpop1 says:

    wow he gr up to fast. i think its cause of tht fkn slut of selena

  16. EAD1300 says:

    Real. Except the Ace of Spades…well, maybe.

  17. TheKristieJB says:

    @princesssarahr100 i think so..

  18. princesssarahr100 says:

    duz the s stand for selena er somthing??//

  19. KaytayeBieber says:

    Its reaal!<3

  20. Steph776s says:

    I don’t care lol, he’s still not gonna be cool XD

  21. saintidiot says:

    i think i dont give a fuck

  22. bleuburry424 says:

    I think that you should wait!!! i mean, come on… if they arent there in a while, theyll be fake. if they’re the, goood for him.

  23. BABYGIRL2137ify says:

    WHO CARES!!!!!

  24. sophiiee208 says:

    they are pretty cool tatoo’s. real or fake aside they arent your normal boring tatoo’s i mean who else has a playing card and a seagull? its different.

  25. TheKristieJB says:

    You forgot the ”s” on his ancle..

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