Justin Bieber shows his new tattoo of Jesus!

bieberfile.tumblr.com – Justin Bieber shows off massive leg tattoo while grabbing a bite at Shakey’s Pizza.
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25 Responses to Justin Bieber shows his new tattoo of Jesus!

  1. asdancer3100 says:

    i don’t want him to tatoo his body, its disgusting, AND HE IS SO FREAKING HOT!

  2. asdancer3100 says:

    let the kid get his pizza!

  3. tawnya07 says:

    Hes So Nice!! :)

  4. MrAndrewdaily says:

    what he need is to get a belt and pull his shorts up

  5. yourcrapsweak1 says:

    this is pathetic.

  6. jessierocks61798 says:

    I love justin with all my heart! haha but i dont think he should get more tattoos..  hes so nice!

  7. EGLoveJBieber says:

    hahaha “how was the pizza” LOL!!
    he is so nice with the paparazzi and they are so anoying…. love him!!!

  8. 2001Haley1 says:

    omg i feel bad for the biebs he probubly gets tired of paparazzi following him every where he goes

  9. FrankRizzo248 says:

    Bieber news @thetruthP4P twitter

  10. miley0093 says:

    U can see the old bieber hair do growing back on him >:O

  11. MrsKatBieber13 says:

    was i the only one who did not see the tattoo?

  12. PauliinB says:

    Que carro mais escroto ! com tanto dinheiro compra esse carro de viado ! tnc !

  13. Ideazonqa says:

    @mirruw way to copy the top comment

  14. mirruw says:

    Justin is SO polite, even though the paparazzis (as always) are annoying. I love him -3

  15. dayjbthebest171 says:

    ya dejenlo en paz mierdaaaaaaaaa!!!! justin te amo

  16. iiriiinaa says:

    Looooo amooo ♥

  17. Gilda483 says:

    A minha filha amou.acho que ele está muito magro.

  18. MuLenon182 says:

    Vai ter que fazer mas que tatuagens de Jesus para ir pro céu com essas musicas ^^

  19. anndresenna says:

    é só um moleque!

  20. luamkimura says:


  21. luamkimura says:


  22. lektoful says:


  23. codi047 says:

    cade a nova tatto de Jesus? taquepariu….
    perdi 1:48 segundos da minha vida pra não ver porra nenhuma….

  24. kelmelissa says:

    oxoxoxoxoxoxo…Homi me deixe com essa celebridade que não faz arte.

  25. palinetes75 says:

    Deus disse para não marcarmos nossos corpos, pois é templo do Espírito Santo.

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