Juggalo Tatoos

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25 Responses to Juggalo Tatoos

  1. DeceptaconTron says:

    you are basically coming out of the closet by getting a juggalo tattoo

  2. UniteForgetLeftRight says:

    all i got to say is they better hope they keep making records

  3. childofTHANATOS says:


  4. MrPokemaster112 says:

    @justinkatz441 i wanna see you go up to a juggalo on the street and tell him that and ….well run fast

  5. FoxyAngie1000 says:

    @56naama696 Whoop Whoop ICP is the shit!!!

  6. 56naama696 says:

    them tats are clean as fuk dawg Whoop Whoop MMFWCL to all the real ninjaz in da world!!!!!

  7. bmirish33 says:

    @justinkatz441 hmm you must all ready have one i supose

  8. FoxyAngie1000 says:

    leave juggalo’s alone!!! what have they done?

  9. Alynno21 says:


  10. MultiJollyguy says:

    @fucumup That was the biggest run-on sentence I’ve EVER seen.

  11. xBallpark09 says:

    I think the only group hated more than jugglos would be the Westbero Baptist Church

  12. martyrocks81 says:

    juggalo tattoo=no dental visits

  13. mcxznbv says:

    0:25 and that jsut further explains why juggalo.. is another word for white trash. have some pride! you dont see a juggalo working white collar…

  14. madmax92gsx says:

    awww man i love haters!!!!!!!!!! i mean you gatta be unhappy with yourself to go and spend your time talking shit about others!!! hahahahahaha i laugh in you pathetic faces!!!!!!! Man i love this dumb ass world we live in!

  15. CrudeyIndecent says:


    I’m not really sure what this says. You should try using punctuation.

  16. Xjustn says:

    @justinkatz441 sure we may be known for crimes which make us “infamous” but if you look up “famous” it shows that when your infamous your still fucking famous

  17. justinkatz441 says:

    @Xjustn “Infamous” means to be known but for mostly negative reasons. ie. Juggalos are known for being complete fucking idiots. Thank you for proving my point. You might want to do a little of that research that you mentioned. lmao!

  18. Xjustn says:

    @justinkatz441 according to the dictionary. Famous. means widely known. and how you corrected me. you say “haters make us Infamous. which means not widely known. i believe when your hating on the Juggalo’s. other people see it besides your stupid ass. and when more people see it. that means were fucking famous bro, do you fuckin research

  19. tubsmgee says:

    @fucumup aww someone has some daddy issues

  20. justinkatz441 says:

    @Xjustn The word you’re looking for is “infamous” not “famous”. The reason being is that juggalos are infamous for being total losers and complete fucking idiots. Juggalos are the shit stains on the underpants of society. True story.

  21. TheSuperjuggalohomie says:

    yo nice video every one check out my channel ima be makin lots of videos.thnx

  22. Xjustn says:

    @p00j2620 Haters are the idiots

  23. Xjustn says:

    @justinkatz441 Haters make us famous

  24. DarkCarnival42O says:


  25. patrick159tube says:

    r these ALL tattoos? that kinda cool

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