jason butcher tattoos a bearded zombie

jason butcher tattooing a bearded victorian zombie.
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5 Responses to jason butcher tattoos a bearded zombie

  1. drty4494 says:

    man how the hell do you do that!!!! that shit look so raw.. damn that shit look good…im a tattoo artist and that shit looks realy hard to do.. but u did it like it was nutten..

  2. danstats says:

    Love watching this guy work. Fantastic black & grey artist.

  3. wheelyumdee says:

    man that is awesome..

  4. MsBloodPig says:

    Favorite tattoo artist by faaar. ;)

  5. glassjawsmasha says:

    Jasons the best, wish to one day learn from him : ) when i become accomplished.

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