Jason Aldean – Tattoos on the Town – 2011 CMA Performance Song Music Video Cover

This is a performance of Jason Aldean’s song Tatoos on this Town by Joshua Paige. Joshua being a huge fan of Jason Aldean would love it if you would purchase his single here tinyurl.com Follow Joshua Paige at www.joshuapaige.com or www.facebook.com/jpaigemusic Thank you to Petrol Clothing for providing the clothing for this video. Check em out www.petrol-jeans.com

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23 Responses to Jason Aldean – Tattoos on the Town – 2011 CMA Performance Song Music Video Cover


    Very impressive video !!

  2. kala8387 says:

    great job love the video

  3. TheSaintsfan16 says:

    This our class song

  4. ShonCagle says:

    great job”keep it up”

  5. joshin58 says:

    Nice job bud! Guitar sounds awesome and u’ve got a killer voice! I was extremely impressed by the vid. The editing and filming must’ve taken forerver and the quality is crazy good. Man I wish i could do that stuff lol. Got a “like” and sub from me! If ya get a chance bro, it’d be awesome if you could check out my cover of this song and let me know what ya think! I’m still new to youtube and tryin to get my views and subs up, so if ya like it please sub back! Hope to hear back man!

  6. Helzymcb says:

    Found you through your cover of honeybee and Wow you are A MAZING

  7. DBeal11 says:

    wow man your really good i like this better then jason aldean singing it :P

  8. rpverhag1 says:

    So good!!! Love it!
    X Karlijn

  9. joshuapaigemusic says:

    @dinomaymgmt Hey there, thank you very much :)

  10. joshuapaigemusic says:

    @CrankHardleyJr Thank you very much

  11. CrankHardleyJr says:

    Great cover Man ! :)


  12. dinomaymgmt says:

    Very cool.  Great video man

  13. dpinc1 says:

    This is awesome

  14. ChickOnRadio says:

    Love it! Love your silly stuff in this video too, and even the colors. The bright yellow of the giant tire and your red shirt. All of it!

  15. dwindex1 says:

    DUDE! Awesome video. I love the song too! You just keep getting better!!

  16. ImBullzKitten says:

    Amazing!! Everything I see coming from you just gets better and better! You really got a gift!! P.s. I’m diggin the beard =)

  17. catherine9999omg says:

    whooooooa!!…. amazing.

  18. GrandeVistaProd says:

    I really enjoyed song and video. Great job!

  19. joshuapaigemusic says:

    @MiaBergman1234 Hey there, thank you so much! :)

  20. joshuapaigemusic says:

    @xbell1 Thanks for the comments, and for following my career :)

  21. joshuapaigemusic says:

    @travislarue Hey thank you so much!

  22. travislarue says:

    AWESOME JOSH!!!  This Video is so much YOU!

  23. xbell1 says:

    Well done JP!!! Lookin good!

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