Japanese Tattoos

Japanese Tattoos knink.com . Photos by Martin Hladik http Japanese tattoos have a history that goes back to the dynasties and before. Originally used as a way of marking criminals in Japanese society, traditional Japanese Tattooing has long been associated with the criminal underworld – Horimono,…

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24 Responses to Japanese Tattoos

  1. MrJoseportilla says:

    some of em r fuckin’ fantastic!

  2. ThunderCatz2010 says:

    Love the Music n Tattoos :)

  3. 163K1D says:

    The one at 30 seconds was awesome.

  4. panbread89 says:

    The last horimono looked nice…the way the violet and the orange of the Koi fish went together, that just made my day.

  5. yellaant1 says:

    yella zays 100%

  6. hemanguchi says:


  7. sucocrew says:

    Video muito Bonito.
    Salve saudações a seu PAIS;


  8. sucocrew says:

    Video muito Bonito.
    Salve saudações a seu PAIS;


  9. sokitkat2 says:

    i love the song

  10. rbett16 says:

    2:43 is exactley what im looking for omfg i have found my style ! love it

  11. Dompiestompie says:

    i like the snake on 3:00 its nice just not finished i think woot like it if you can make it like its a real one xD

  12. MightyKK006 says:

    The one at 1:24 is cool..

  13. hellojoe88888 says:


  14. Roninfalls says:

    Traditional Japanese

  15. lovaleey says:

    I LOVE 3:00!

  16. jin54363 says:

    what is the name of these tattoos?

  17. Lustincarnate says:

    that snake tat at the end is there a finished shot of that ?

  18. makeupforever8 says:

    their all beautiful

  19. hm008vaj says:

    Amazing artwork

  20. massunagad12 says:

    serpent is a very cool
    i liked 2:57

    i want that pictures to tattoo on my back

  21. dcsh79 says:

    thumbs up for 2:20

  22. WiFooo says:

    1:22, awesome.

  23. mitchellymt1 says:

    had to stop this lol, music is doing my head in 

  24. TheAutumnAyane says:

    the star of david is jewish lol

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