Interactive zombie movie adventure – DELIVER ME TO HELL – REAL ZOMBIES ATTACK

*** Make sure annotations are turned on *** Does NOT work on iPad, iPod or iPhone sorry. COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED! (you can stil enjoy the adventure :) Your mission starts here! OBJECTIVE: Help Steve get across the city to deliver his pizza without being KILLED by the zombies. Starring DJ IWIKAU, BEN EDWARDS & EMILY TRENBERTH Producer KATIE O’BRIEN Writer, Director & Editor LOGAN McMILLAN Art Direction BRYCE HOLTHOUSEN Production Manager FLIP GRATER Camera Op DAN WATSON Grip / B Camera ANDREW DEAN VFX DAN WATSON Practical Effects CHESTER DEXTAR Data Wrangler SIMON RYAN Makeup LUCY HARVEY SFX Makeup BRAE TOIA Makeup Assistant JULIE CLARK Pyrotechnics FIREWORKS PROFESSIONALS Audio Post THE SITTING ROOM a LITTLESISTERFILMS production
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Interactive zombie movie adventure – DELIVER ME TO HELL – REAL ZOMBIES ATTACK

  1. ejies112 says:

    WOW the make up is so Nice !

  2. stuart33100 says:

    wat song is it playing

  3. BleachSoulBanisher says:

    @maxxx815 im hearing it, that song is legendary

  4. oioibit says:


  5. Ivanrazor318 says:

    she was very perky nice

  6. maxxx815 says:

    Am i the only one hearing Are you gonna be my girl from JET?

  7. drfunproductions says:

    Best pizza delivery guy EVAR!!!!

  8. mismadandflabdadshow says:

    Daggint I m doing this on iPod

  9. edwardhohk says:


  10. YasmineVigil3725 says:

    @HellPizzaNZ, want guarnteed more visitors to your videos? Don’t want to worry about Youtubes Copyright removal, forced video ads, and annoying Vevo? Upload your video to GOZIE .COM, a Youtube without the hassle.

  11. Jamanidz says:

    thumbs up if you couldn’t stop looking at her funbags!!!

  12. fatvictor159 says:

    wow iff the zombies are that slow to run i dont see much of a prob and coming from me being a 11 year old i guess with a bat and skate board i can do some damage

  13. fatvictor159 says:

    pretty cool effects and nice make up for zombies fake blood and couple of warts nice

  14. Jamanidz says:


  15. moosefishman180 says:

    there’s a forum for survivors like us!
    zombiesurvivalsociety. com

  16. huntbot1 says:

    i clickes cus thumbnail of hot lady

  17. cateater4u2 says:

    dam sexy bitch indeed yummmm yummm

  18. curtchannel says:

    2:13 aw stink, it’s delivery!

  19. gagejm123 says:


  20. VAME88 says:

    You may enjoy our Zombie video as well, come check it out!

  21. MrMcp1995 says:

    79 people didn’t get their pizza.

  22. NoeCyrus says:

    esto esta guapo

  23. dulemamba says:

    @TylerPHS and 2:31 666 on pizza :}

  24. predatorz990 says:

    im just here to see the chick naked.

  25. Danielulloa172 says:


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