I’m In Love With A Zombie Boy (Rick Genest Fan Video)

Song – Natalia Kills-Zombie Mugler Men’s Fashion Show
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to I’m In Love With A Zombie Boy (Rick Genest Fan Video)

  1. MrYuYuNEKO says:

    @LaauraFernandez His name’s Rick Genest…hehe…good job.

  2. geckonaomi says:

    He’s so gorgeous!<3

  3. babymclizzy says:

    this was on FACEOFF, try to watch that one its called the walking dead episode :)

  4. nanduful says:

    He is amazingggg…and very sweet !!!

  5. SuperrrRoberttt1152 says:

    @LaauraFernandez This whole video is him lol

  6. LaauraFernandez says:

    is it just me…or dose the guy at 0:29 look exactly like the zombie dude in Lady Gaga’s Born this way video?

  7. quinlynnes says:


  8. SuperrrRoberttt1152 says:

    @RiCca5Daisy Zombie by Natalia Kills

  9. RiCca5Daisy says:

    What the name of this song?

  10. GlockBusterFilms says:

    If you guys want to see more videos of other things Rick is doing, please visit our channel. We have videos of Rick Genest ‘s freakshow act crew LUCIFERS BLASPHEMOUS.
    This is all official stuff, we work closely as a team, and have up comming projects in the works (which i can’t talk about yet)

    so subscribe to our channel or check back frequently to see more videos!

  11. Awsomejapan3 says:

    i love this song!!!!

  12. XxLoveLaLaPanicxX says:

    <3 This is SOO much better then her original video :D

  13. XxLoveLaLaPanicxX says:

    @SuperrrRoberttt1152 Is he the one they call “zombie boy”? :3 I love his tattoos

  14. Kelly80329 says:

    love him

  15. Khrystan says:

    Awesome vid, and love the song!

  16. yttihp11 says:

    perfect choice of music :P

  17. WastedYears24 says:

    thats not make up its tatoos

  18. butterfly83yudith says:

    aiiiin oma’ que ricoooooooooooooo !!! que guapo es !!!

  19. Useranme says:

    That must have hurt so bad.

  20. anais00009 says:

    LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. bloodyblade says:

    @SuperrrRoberttt1152 white dude’s be crazy than a motherfucker. lol
    but he makes it look good tho. ^_^

  22. SuperrrRoberttt1152 says:

    @saintspawn2 lly a model in the video, it isn’t makeup he actually has that tattooed all over his body :)

  23. saintspawn2 says:

    that was a really awsome video!! Loved the makeup.

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